Paving Paths of Prosperity : A Look at the Best Shark Tank Products in India

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Paving Paths of Prosperity : A Look at the Best Shark Tank Products in India

Best Shark Tank Products in India

The Shark Tank in India has been a platform for entrepreneurs and businessmen to showcase their business skills and products. This show provides a medium for budding entrepreneurs to market their products. Varying in product ranges from healthcare to home decor, some of these product ideas fail to make an impression in front of sharks, while others create a huge impact on them, inviting them to invest in these creative businesses. Shark Tank India calls for innovation and uniqueness in business ideas, and only the best of them get the chance to present themselves to the judges sitting there.

Here are some Shark Tank approved products that blew the minds of the sharks with their unique product and service lines and successfully convinced them to invest in and secure funding for their ventures. Scroll down to read more.


Best Shark Tank Ideas List


  • Beyond Snack

Beyond Snack was started by co-founders Manas Madhu, Jyoti Rajguru, and Gautam Raghuraman. It aims to deliver an authentic snacking experience with its Kerala chips while also not compromising on hygiene standards. Along with preparing the traditional flavor, the makers have expanded on a number of other flavors, such as Peri Peri, Salt and Black Pepper, and Sour Cream Onion and Parsley. Beyond Snack has elevated the munching experience of customers while keeping strict controls on quality, and health parameters.


  • In a Can

For a premium cocktail experience, In a Can has got your back. This startup was founded by Sameer Mirajkar and Viraj Sawant and rose out of a need during pandemic times—a lack of availability of high-class drinks due to the imposition of lockdown. It has secured its place in the list of the best shark tank products in India. Having good knowledge and experience in cocktails, Sameer and Viraj started working on blending the most delightful tastes using flavors and ingredients that would provide the finest cocktail experience to individuals in the comfort of their homes. Thus came IN A CAN into being, which came out as one of Shark Tank approved products. 


  • Get-A-Whey

What is better than ice cream? A healthy and tasty ice cream. Get-A-Whey was founded by two engineers and their mother. It is dedicated to producing quality ice creams that can easily satisfy the cravings of anyone looking for an exotic dessert experience. Their ice creams are made up of whey protein with no added sugars. The startup was an experiment on the take of delicious ice-cream options, and today it is the most preferred choice among ice-cream lovers. With an extensive range of flavors, Get-A-Whey has made its way into the hearts of many fitness freaks and individuals looking for healthier options.


  • Bamboo India

In the Shark Tank ideas list, Bamboo India remains no behind. Bamboo India is a Pune-based startup founded by Mrs. Ashwini Shinde and Mr. Yogesh Shinde. It provides a safe alternative to plastic products. Being one of the best Shark Tank products in India, Bamboo India’s consumables include toothbrushes, water bottles, notepads with pens, speakers, etc., all of which are made up of bamboo. This unique idea aims at promoting the usage of products made of bamboo and driving the upcoming generations towards a much more eco-friendly way of living. For more information on their merchandise, you can visit their website and social media profiles.


  • Skippi

Do you also want to revive your childhood memories of relishing ice pops? Then you should definitely not miss out on Skippi. It is India’s first ice pop brand, which was founded by Ravi and Anuja Kabra. The aim from the beginning was to produce healthy and tasty ice pops and candies for their children and general customers without having to compromise on quality parameters. Offering a wide range of icy treats made with 100% natural flavors starting from orange, lemon, and cola, Skippi has become a favorable brand for its customers. The main idea behind Skippi is to prohibit the use of artificial flavors and colors, which could otherwise prove to be harmful for children.


  • Keto India

If you ask about the best Shark Tank Products in India, this ought to be on the first number of the list. Keto India, which has now rebranded itself as Livofy, was started in 2019 by founder Sahil Pruthi, after conducting rigorous research for two long years in Lifestyle Disease Management and Weight Loss supplementation. The main focus of the brand was to lay emphasis on keto diet as a strategy to reduce cases of health problems such as weight loss, hypothyroidism, PCOS, diabetes, and other such related issues. They operate on an AI protocol which assesses patients based on their medical history, and provides a comprehensive diet plan which is totally custom-based as per the patient’s body parameters. 


  • Auli Lifestyle

Auli Lifestyle was founded by Aishwarya Biswas and grabbed the attention of shark Namita Thapar for its organic and healthy skincare products. It quickly became a part of the topmost shark tank approved products list. Because of its focus on producing cruelty-free, ayurvedic products, Auli Lifestyle has been able to attract a loyal customer base since the need of the hour is to reduce chemical consumption and embrace organic skincare practices. Its wide range of products are a treat for the skin and provide a soothing result without any side effects.


  • Organic Smokes

If anyone wishes to stop smoking, Organic Smokes has got them covered. This unique venture idea was conceived by Nitin Chhabra, Piyush Chhabra, and Gaurav Chhabra. They provide herbal cigarettes to individuals who have pledged to quit smoking and are on their way to adopt a healthy and smoke-free life. These cigarettes are free from nicotine and tobacco and are purely ayurvedic in nature. Because of this, the brand has acquired a name in this article of Shark Tank ideas list. With a collection of different flavors, Organic Smokes presents a healthy smoking experience with the help of herbal cigarettes, as they are popularly known.


  • Hammer

Quite a new generation of products, Hammer Lifestyle was founded by Rohit Nandwani, which accelerated to new heights after bagging a place as one of the best Shark Tank products in India by introducing cutting-edge technologies in designing its products. Hammer deals in wearables and audio, grooming, and accessories. The brand is constantly working on delivering products that can meet the demands and needs of its customers, hence becoming one among the highly Shark Tank approved products.


  • Dhruv Vidyut

This distinct idea of electric bicycle conversion kit was presented by founder Gursaurabh Singh on Shark Tank India wherein an electric kit could convert a regular cycle into an electric cycle in merely 20 minutes. As bicycles are a primary mode of transportation for more than 50% of the Indian population, this kit makes commuting easier in a much affordable way. They are water and fire resistant and cost around INR 14,000, as compared to e-bike companies charging above INR 40,000 without providing any other facilities. 

These are the top 10 best shark tank products in India, which have been highly appreciated and accepted by the sharks as well as the Indian masses. With the emergence of these startups and those working in similar lines, the Indian entrepreneurship and business scenario has attained new heights, welcoming new ideas and revolutions into the industry. These products and businesses are an inspiration for aspiring individuals who are aiming to enter the domain, subsequently contributing their own parts to the business industry by bringing forward unique ideas and concepts. Not only this, but these products provide easy solutions to customers’ needs by being a part of their routine lives. 

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