Top 5 Female Leaders in History: Inspiring Women Who Shattered Stereotypes

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Top 5 Female Leaders in history: Inspiring women who shattered stereotypes

The world is evolving but the thinking of some people is still orthodox and conservative who only want girls and women to remain within the four walls of the house. Not only men are responsible for it, there are many women who do not value the rights and opportunities that they get after the hard efforts of other women. Hence, our website “BusinessView Magazine” decided to talk about the efforts and struggles of those women who made an impact in history and Top 5 Female Leaders in History.


Who says that we need a specific day or date to talk about the achievements of women who came a long way to make life easy for today’s women? That is why we present here to talk about the achievements of those women who are actually role models, not only for women or girls but also for every individual. Most of the names are identifiable and a great source of information. It is hard to talk about the achievements and struggles of every woman who is responsible for the better and easier life of today’s women and that is why we have selected a few names and here we will talk about them.


So, without wasting further time, let’s talk about the “Top 5 Female Leaders In History” or we can say “Most Powerful Women In History”:


Kiran Bedi: First Woman Officer In India

Pratibha Patil: First Woman President Of India

Shila Dawre- First woman auto-rickshaw driver

Mithali Raj- Lady Tendulkar of Indian Women’s Cricket Team

Gita Gopinath- First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)


All the above-mentioned names have made a great impact on society and worked hard not only for themselves but also to change the mindset of patriarchal and orthodox society. These names are great examples who brought a revolutionary change in different sectors including sports, politics, civil services, culinary and so on. It will be an injustice to them if we don’t talk about their journey and what impact they have had in the history of India in terms of women’s rights and their dreams which is still hard to achieve for many of today’s people. 


Kiran Bedi


First Woman Officer India– Her name is not required for any kind of introduction. The achievement of this woman proved that women are not only made for household work and if you provide a chance to them they can also serve for the nation and Kiran Bedi is a great example. She is not only known as a “First Woman Officer In India” but is also notorious for her bold actions. There are many rumors that were famous which proves that she has never feared anyone and fulfilled her duties with great determination. She joined the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1972 and later on, in 2003, she held another title and became the first woman to be hired as a United Nations Civil Police adviser. 


Pratibha Patil


First Woman President Of India- Many women are working in politics but only a few of them have actually brought a revolutionary change and given another vision to a patriarchal society that they never imagined before. With her clear vision and education, she created a historic moment in India which penned her name in golden words. In July 2017, she took the oath of faithfully executing the responsibilities and duties as the President of India. With that, she became the “First Woman President Of India”. Her achievement made her rightfully into the list of “Top 5 Female Leaders in History” as well as “Most Powerful Women In History of India”.


Shila Dawre


First woman auto-rickshaw driver- We know that many of you are thinking why we are adding Shila Dawre’s name to the list of “Top 5 Female Leaders In History”. Believe it or not, she has her own story which is glorified and essential to talk about. Do you think that women have easily got the chance to drive or ride, no it only happened due to the efforts of other women who faced enormous struggles to get this chance. Shila Dawre is one of those women who made an impact in the history of India. It was hard for her to step into the “male-dominated” zone in the 1980s but her zeal made her the first woman auto-rickshaw driver in the nation. 


Mithali Raj


Lady Tendulkar of Indian Women’s Cricket Team- Who says cricket is only made for men, there are many women who are interested in playing this sport and representing the nation and they even proved themselves. A great example is Mithali Raj who owns the title of the first woman to score a double hundred in Test Cricket. She was not only the first woman who set this benchmark but also became the first one who achieved this landmark across the entire world. 


Gita Gopinath


First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)- It is fair to mention Gita Gopinath in the list of “Most Powerful Women In History”. She is not only the first woman who became the “First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund” but also the 2nd Indian who got the privilege to feature on the “wall of former chief economists”. She was initially hired as IMF Chief Economist in 2018 and later on she got the promotion and she became the first deputy MD. Her research is easy to find in several top economic journals. 


All these women continue to inspire billions of people not only in India but all around the globe. Their determination and zeal proved that nothing is impossible to achieve and nobody can stop you even your gender if you have the potential to bring change in society. We are requesting all women to respect their journeys and be thankful to them as what you have today is their gift and struggle. So stop belittling yourselves and prove to society that women are not only made for household work and that they can make an impact in society with and without your support. We are saluting all those women who not only dare to bring change into the patriarchal society but also set the bar for all genders.

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