Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak

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Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak

The world today is facing a serious challenge due to coronavirus pandemic. Yet there is hope on the horizon.

Businesses have been affected in large margin due to the pandemic and economies around the world have taken a gigantic hit. Grocery stores keep running out of supplies while restaurants are being deserted.

Business owners are looking for ways to survive and keep their businesses running. They are worried about the slowdown the pandemic has brought. Since a lot of them are reading the news, they are also wondering when will the world be back to normal.

It will be and the good news is, and those times are coming. Such a pandemic will not last forever

If we take a look, businesses who chose a more progressive strategy of refocusing their spending during such cycles have often outperformed other businesses making sweeping cuts.

Numerous studies focusing on organizational performance in periods of slowdowns and recessions found out that successful leaders who traded short term profits for long term stability and gain were basically refocusing on core strengths instead of massively reducing expenditure and the like.

Let us now focus on digital marketing ideas worth considering during the coronavirus outbreak, which are recommended by professionals from a digital marketing company based in Sacramento.

1. Connecting with customers on social media in crucial times

Everyone is dealing with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and everyone has been affected, whether or not they were tested positive or negative. Everyone of us is taking precautions. Everyone is at home, schools are closed, so are offices and social isolation is a must. No one can eat at restaurants or go to the movies.

This is a time for everyone to show sensitivity, compassion, empathy and no need to be pushy. Yet, it is a great time for all brands to stand out during a difficult time. More people are on social media while they are stuck at home, scanning for updates and trying to stay connected in a time of social isolation.

Businesses can contribute to food banks, assisting the elderly in their lives and perform other good deeds through their social media marketing. This will help them make even better brand equity.

2. Ensuring the business can be found easily online

In case no one has noticed, a lot of people are online instead of walking or driving. Search traffic has risen by large margin within the past few weeks and continues to rise as agencies dive into statistics and scramble to make the most of it.

Almost everyone is glued to their computers and phones looking for updates within their community. They are also looking to entertain themselves and looking for ways to pass the time. Online shopping is among such entertaining hobbies for them.

Anything which is online at the moment is consumed more than ever. Now is not the time to be hiding online as businesses should be utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to climb to the top rankings in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) for the business to be easily discovered.

Time for the business to come out from under the rock and be discovered online easily.

3. Right now, pay per click advertising (PPC) is a smart move to make

Since everyone is at home with phones in their hands, eyes on TVs and computers, this is a good chance for businesses to utilize PPC advertising and marketing to connect with customers and catch a competitive advantage.

It is also a great chance to save some money within the budget of digital marketing. On an average basis, the cost per each click has seen a reduction of 6 percent across all verticals within the past week. CPC is also likely to continue to see a decrease in the coming weeks which in turn reduces the amount of money an advertiser pays a publisher for each ad click.

This gives the business another opportunity in gaining the market share, which was lost to competitors, who are now pulling back their investment.

4.  Stay ahead of the competition

SEO helps businesses raise organic traffic to their website and move ahead of competition. Coronavirus cleaning services will be the focus keywords for digital marketing comapnies these days. Since each business wants to be on the first page of search engine page results and at the top especially, they will be optimizing keywords customers will be using.

Climbing to the top of search engine result pages takes time and requires strategic optimization. If businesses do not optimize their websites, they will lose a lot of ground on search engine results which will result in monumental loss in revenue.

No business should halt any SEO campaign. Leads and revenue may fall during the current pandemic but pushing harder may help the business stay ahead of competition.

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