Hamas’ Deadly Attack: Worsening Israel-Palestine Conflicts

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On Saturday, 7th October 2023, an unexpected and lethal event occurred in Israel which instantly brought this Middle Eastern country into the news. The whole world is worried for Israel and praying for their citizens who are facing the war consequences. The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the trending news on social media and it is getting attention from all around the world. In the tragic incident of the Israel-Palestine conflict thousands of people lost their lives and numerous were brutally injured. The condition is constantly getting worse day by day and the current situation is hard to tell. Many questions are occurring and people want to know why Israel and Hamas are at war and what is the motive behind this lethal attack. Well, through this news, the readers will get the entire update of this ongoing conflict of Israel-Palestine.


What Happened On Saturday, 7th October in Israel?

Many people are searching for the latest Israel-Palestine war news as well as why Israel and Hamas are at war stage. When this Israel-Palestine conflict started and what impact it left on the people who are suffering in it. On Saturday, 7th October, an unprecedented and lethal attack was launched by Hamas on Israel in which numerous families lost their loved ones and thousands of people were admitted to the hospital. In retaliation for this lethal assault, Israel instantly counter-attacked on militants of Palestine. This is one of the deadliest attacks on Israel that has occurred in the last 50 years upsetting the whole world. The world is already facing the consequences of the Ukraine-Russia war and now the new conflict between Israel with Palestine has made the situation worse.


Though most consequences have been usually faced by the citizens of war-affected countries this type of conflict directly or indirectly disturbs the other parts of the world. Speaking about the situation of Israel, this Middle Eastern Country has instantly launched a counterattack announced by Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu who stated that “We are at War”. If reports are to be believed, more than 1,100 human loss has been reported over the last two days on both sides and it is believed that the data of the deceased will increase more. As we said, this war has directly affected the other parts of countries and most of the consequences are faced by share markets.


According to the reports, the share markets of many countries in West Asia, including Israel have been badly affected. Besides, many nationals from numerous countries have been stuck in this situation and embassies of these countries are trying to help them including India. As per the reports of Business Standard, the United States is planning to help Israel by sending aircraft and military ships to tackle the situation with Palestine. However, people are confused and keen to know why Hamas attacked Israel and what exactly it is. Besides that, many people are looking to know why Israel and Hamas are at war. Here we are talking about it and also get an update of the 3rd day of the attack.

What Is Hamas?

Hamas is not a state or country in fact, it is a militant group of Palestine which was founded in 1987 in Gaza by Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and his associate Abdul al-Rantissi. The word “Hamas” stands for the Islamic Resistance Movement and it was introduced in 1987 after the beginning of the first Intifada. This Palestinian militant group has managed the Gaza strip since the year 2007 after a short conflict with another militant group called “Fateh ”. Now the next thing which is pulling the attention of the world is the “Gaza Strip”.

What Is the “Gaza Strip”?

The Gaza Strip refers to a narrow strip of land wedged between Egypt and Israel on the Mediterranean Sea. The Gaza Strip was captured in turn by the Ottoman Empire and then came under the British Empire. Israel formed in 1948 and after its victory in the 1967 6-Day War against its Arab neighbors. Israel gets its control of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The Gaza Strip is 41 km long and 10 km wide. At present, it is the home of 2.3 million people and known to be one of the highest population densities in the globe.

Why Is Hamas Assaulting Israel?

On Saturday, Israel was celebrating Simchat Torah (an important Jewish holiday) unaware of the evil plan of Hamas. Suddenly, the dead bodies of hundreds of people were seen on the roads of Israel and soon it came to fore that Palestinians military started firing on innocent civilians of Israel. The military force of Palestine is led by Hamas who crossed over from the Gaza Strip. The reports state that apart from human loss, hundreds of Israeli citizens have been abducted and forcefully taken to Gaza as hostage. In the Israel-Palestine conflict, Hamas is planning to use hostages of Israel to barter in exchange for the freedom of prisoners of Palestine that are currently in the prison of Israel.


Besides it, As per the report of a media outlet, Khaled Qadomi, the spokesperson of Hamas states that the military operation of Hamas which is called as “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” is conducted in response to atrocities that Palestinians have witnessed over many years. Moreover, Hamas wants the international community to halt atrocities in the Gaza Strip along with their Al-Asqa mosque located in East Jerusalem.

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