List of Best Hidden Places in Delhi You Should Know

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Delhi is a hub of hidden and untouched gems, each known for its distinct ethereal beauty. Whether these are monuments that redefine history or nature’s bounties that are a visual treat for the eyes, Delhi takes pride in its beauty. With the emergence of social media, many of these hidden places in Delhi have gained prominence in recent times. However, many tourist attractions still stay far away from public knowledge and notice, that many individuals don’t even know they exist. It’s time now that we explore what a true beauty this state is, and what stories it has in its store for us to narrate.

This article is an ode to all those travel and exploration enthusiasts who are always trying to look out for something new, that hasn’t been in the spotlight much. It is time to discover and walk through the vivacious paths of the national capital of the country and explore the unexplored!

Tourist Places in Delhi

1. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

This place may be famous between teenagers and youngsters, yet not many people know about this place. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal is located in Karol Bagh and can be easily visited by people living nearby. Although declared a heritage site and preserved and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, this place is a haunted site and allows its visitors to only visit it during daytime. It is said that anybody staying at the spot after sunset may either get mad or die. Hence, only those are advised to go to this place who are daring to challenge the paranormal activities happening at Bhuli Bhatiyari. It is open from 9:30 am to 5 pm. 


2. Chhota Qutub Minar

Chhota Qutub Minar

We all have certainly heard about Qutub Minar which is located in Mehrauli, New Delhi. But we bet you to identify this hidden gem of Delhi. The Chhota Qutub Minar or the Mini Qutub Minar is situated in the Hastsal village of New Delhi, in the Uttam Nagar part. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1650, close to his hunting lodge in Hasthal. The entire structure of Chhota Qutub Minar is built with bricks and clad with red sandstone and resembles the original monument. For the unversed, this monument is ranked as a ‘Grade A’ heritage site by the Department of Archaeology, India. Chhota Qutub Minar is also known as Kaushal Minar, Hastsal-ki-Laat, and Hashtsal Minaret. 


3. Santushti Shopping Complex

Santushti Shopping Complex

This is a call for all the shoppers in the town! This hidden gem is a shopper’s getaway to a world of fashion and aesthetics, away from the loud noise of other markets. Santushti Complex was started by the Air Force Wives’ Welfare Association and has some really good designer boutiques. Besides that, one can even enjoy amazing food at the cafes that the complex has. The complex lies opposite Delhi’s Samrat Hotel and offers breathtaking views through its walkways amidst luxurious shopping and dining experiences. The complex is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and the last entry time for individuals is 6:45 pm.


4. Bijay Mandal

Bijay Mandal

Although the purpose of its construction is still unknown, Bijay Mandal is one of the finest tourist places in Delhi known for its unusual architecture. This place is said to have been built by Alauddin Khalji and was later renovated by Muhammad bin Tughlaq in the 14th century as a part of Jahapannah, which was the fourth medieval city of the Delhi Sultanate. One can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset views that can be viewed from the top of the fort. The place is located amidst the residential colonies of Kalu Sarai, South Delhi, and is open on all days. The nearest metro station to Bijay Mandal is Hauz Khas which is a part of both Yellow and Magenta Lines. 


5. Chunnamal Ki Haveli

Chunnamal Ki Haveli

The old part of Delhi holds some magnificent tales of the national capital’s heritage. The bustling streets of Chandni Chowk offer some unmissable sights, which give an idea to visitors about the city’s being. One hidden gem in Delhi 6 is Chunnamal Ki Haveli, which continues to amaze people since the 19th century. This mansion, though a decade old, is maintained nicely and retains the architectural prowess of the pre-independence era. The mansion has been a flimsy attraction in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies including “The Sky Is Pink” starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar, and also “holy Smoke, Nine hours to Rama” starring Kate Winslet.


6. Bhardwaj Lake

Bhardwaj Lake

Delhi has lakes too! In case you didn’t know, Bhardwaj Lake is located on the Delhi-Haryana border near Faridabad; but it is considered to be a part of South Delhi. Visitors here can experience the beautiful flora and fauna of the region and indulge in the astounding beauty of nature. Bhardwaj Lake was initially a pit for mining of Lime, Badarpur, and Sandstone sand in the region. Now it is only the rainwater that collects here. Trekking enthusiasts have recently found Bhardwaj Lake an ideal destination for interesting hikes and can often be seen here due to its rocky paths. Visitors can spend a day here, resting in the laps of nature and enjoying the wildlife of Bhardwaj Lake.


7. Satpula Bridge

Satpula Bridge

Situated opposite the mall complex of Saket, Satpula Bridge was built by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq to tap the local stream feeding on river Yamuna. It is the most unnoticed hidden gem of Delhi and if you ever ask locals about Satpula Bridge, they will be completely clueless. Satpula Bridge literally translates to ‘Seven bridges’ and is therefore built on seven archs. The construction of this bridge was a well-planned structure and the archs are still visible. But the water tunnels beneath the bridge have been damaged. Satpula Bridge is located near Khirki Village, Malviya Nagar in South Delhi. 

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There are many hidden places in Delhi and these were some of them which we could mention here. Delhi carries history in its laps, a history rich in the various stories that are still left unheard. This list of best hidden places in Delhi provides one with what more the state has to offer; the ones invite people to discover them. So the next time you plan to go out and search for something you haven’t heard or witnessed before, try out these places and know the story behind them. Perhaps exploring can only become a habit once you start looking out for what hasn’t been discovered yet!

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