How can good leadership qualities Boost your business growth

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In this world of emerging startups every day, there are very few variables that differentiate businesses from each other. But these variables make a world of difference. These can make or break any organization. One such variable is leadership. The same set of people can perform differently and bring forward different results based on the leader they follow. All leaders must have excellent business and financial acumen but some soft skills are just as important and impactful to the business. The amalgamation of these skills is called leadership qualities.

Here is How good leadership qualities Boost your business growth.


Any and every school of thought agrees on this common denominator, a leader needs to have good communication skills. A leader has to handle multiple departments and teams simultaneously. Ineffective communication will lead to misinterpretation and loss of time. There is a saying that says a dissatisfied employee can end up creating a dissatisfied customer. The leaders need to be aware of the underlying issues of the organization. Whether the employees are unsatisfied with something or not, whether they have some issues among themselves. Communication, especially impactful communication should always be welcomed in any organization and is one of the core leadership qualities. Even confronting an employee regarding something they have been doing should be done in a Seville manner.  The goal of communication is to always clear frictions and boost productivity. This quality helps him beyond managing his teams, it also helps finalize deals where the company is in profit. A good leader is an excellent communicator. and knows how to use his words effectively.

Active Listening, Welcoming Feedback, and Self reflection

As much as communication is important, it is just as important to be a good listener. Good listening can help you decode a person’s intricacies. Their goals, their intention, and most importantly their desires. A good businessman knows what the other party yearns for, and what their expectations are from a particular deal. He then crafts an offer that mainly favors him and his business but also settles the negotiator’s concerns. Active listening helps you pick silent cues of the person speaking. The leaders must be good listeners. Many times, the employees and customers just want to be heard, listening to your employee’s concerns alone can make them feel appreciated. Listening is one of the most important good leadership qualities and it also gives room for self-reflection. When the employees and customers complain, they represent what your organization lacks. Listening to them can help to reflect on those areas and make adjustments. Actively asking for feedback and working on it will put you apart as an exceptional leader in no time. An ever-growing ever improving company becomes an unbeatable force in the market with an unshakeable reputation. Reputation always leads to growth in business.


Self-awareness is another important element in the list of leadership qualities. Despite listening to all complaints and actively receiving feedback, a good leader must know which ones to entertain and which ones to let go. Not all feedback comes from a genuine place, and not all of them are meant to be acted upon. A good leader is always self-aware about his team and his projects, he can differentiate between noise and statements. Building a business is tough and the market is competitive. Not every feedback coming your way is constructive. It’s the leader’s job to recognize and avoid destructive criticism. This is where self-awareness comes in handy. When a leader has clarity towards his initiative he is not easily swayed in the opposite direction of growth. A true leader knows his company, employees, and customers better than anyone else. 

Planning skills

Businessmen need to have a strong foresight of the market. No one can predict the future but when you study a subject in depth you can see an event coming from a distance. Good ladders know the reaction a market will have to certain political, economic, and social changes, and they make sure their business not only survives through this reaction but also thrive in it. This planning is an important skill for leaders to have. Planning is no easy feat, one has to consider all variables and craft a perfect plan where the business, employees, and customers all are satisfied. 


Delegation is one of the most underrated and important leadership qualities. Delegation is the skill of assigning tasks. For a leader delegation is crucial. One has to be aware of the task lineup, hire accordingly, and divide and manage these teams in such a way that each one of them performs effectively without becoming a hindrance to each other’s tasks. Delegation also calls for constant monitoring of the activities and performances of every department.  Right delegation helps the teams meet their goals and achieve work satisfaction.   

Change Management

Change Management is one of the key leadership qualities. The market is a dynamic landscape and organizations have to go through unexpected changes all the time. From sudden shift in government policies to some kind of environmental event can impact your business to great lengths. A war happening in countries away from you can change the whole spectrum of your business. In this volatile environment, leaders must know the skill of change management. Despite the situation at hand what route to take to keep the company in profit or at least save it from going into deficit, is crucial. The ability to reinvent the organization as per the market trend is a must-have skill for every businessperson. Change management is knowing how to make the transition smooth in a turbulence.  

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Good leaders make great organizations. Leadership can make or break any organization. Most successful companies in the world today are known for their excellent leaders. This is a testament to the importance of leadership. Good leadership qualities lead to business success and customer satisfaction. The good news is, that leadership qualities are not a boon, it is a skill that any individual can develop. We hope this article was helpful if you are a new organization owner or planning to build a startup.

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