How to fast grow my YouTube Channel?

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How to fast grow my YouTube Channel?

Today, in this unique guide, I will reveal all the secrets of how to quickly grow your YouTube channel. I will tell you all the secrets, thanks to the dramatic growth of my channel from 0 to 23.5 million subscribers and 20 million views per month. Do you want to create algorithm-compliant YouTube content? Do you want to know how to attract viewers and let them watch? This article provides important tips and strategies for optimizing YouTube video content at every step of the video production process. These methods work!

 Create videos with keywords/topics:

This seems obvious, but creating videos around topics/keywords is the best way to get the traffic you need and expand your audience. Skip this step, but this is very important if you want your video to reach the maximum number of viewers. Try using the YouTube-specific keyword tool for First Page to find the most popular keywords in the market segment you want to target.

 Create educational content about your audience’s profession:

According to this research, consumers subscribe to YouTube channels primarily because they publish educational content about their profession.

Think about it. The reason people go online is to find answers to their questions (or to have fun, but we will discuss them later).


To Become the Richest Youtuber, The most important thing that helps you expand your channel, you must have heard of it before, is to keep publishing.

Make a plan that suits you. If you can publish once a week, every two weeks, or every month, stick with it! If you are inconsistent, you will not get followers.

 Improve the quality of YouTube videos:

Production quality should not be a priority, but at some point, it will definitely gain more YouTube subscribers.

As long as your videos are of high value and provide viewers with the information they want, you are doing well.

When the video pays off, you can pay more attention to the production quality.

Custom thumbnails:

One of the simplest and most effective strategies for promoting your YouTube channel is to create custom thumbnails.

Think of your title and thumbnail as two lines that attract the viewer’s attention.

By default, YouTube will take a screenshot of each video and use it as a thumbnail. Unfortunately, sometimes the captured image is a blurry shot of camera settings or transitions.

 Optimize your title and description:

To get more YouTube subscribers, you don’t need to have Highest IQ in the world, instead you need to focus on making your videos more visible. This is where the title and description optimization comes into play. You need to treat YouTube as a search engine because YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world.

 Add a custom channel trailer:

YouTube settings allow you to take full advantage of the featured video area at the top of the channel page. You can show the video to existing subscribers and other viewers who are no longer following.

Expand your Youtube channel by embedding videos in your blog:

Apart from uploading videos and posting some links here and there, YouTube does not provide you with many ways to provide more information to your audience. Therefore, it is very important to build a website for your brand.

A detailed blog that accompanies your YouTube channel can give people the opportunity to learn by reading, watching, or both.

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