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Jotwani Associates is a multi-specialist law firm based in India having international clientele in the
jurisdiction of the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Europe, Singapore, China, and Japan. It
caters to almost all-important facets of laws in these jurisdictions and specializes in corporate,
Intellectual Property, Government Relations, Taxes, Litigation, and Educational Laws. The firm has a
huge team that provides global legal services on a 24×7 basis.

The firm handles several hundred cases each year related to Government and Regulatory Affairs,
IPRs, Corporate cases, Technology laws, Transactional Law, International, and Litigation. To stay
ahead of the competitive curve, they have heavily invested in human resources and technologies.
They have well-defined the process for delivery to the client by using sophisticated time-tracking
tools. Every global project is staffed with the right mix of grey hair and young blood advocates. “In
the fast rapidly changing business environment, it becomes essential for attorneys of the firm to
understand the modern-day business. We not only spend time with our clients to understand their
legal challenges but also show up each day and provide support to clients in the most professional,
timely, and cost-effective manner,” says Dinesh Jotwani, Co-managing Partner at Jotwani Associates

As the firm operates globally, their ethics, professionalism, and advocacy skills of the Associates
match that of any other international law firm. They aim to provide high-quality fast services at a low
cost. They also manage legal work for 19 of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies in India, thereby
raising the bar of its associates to be highly responsive, accurate, and fast in their communication.
They believe in transparent communication with their clients to arrive at a possible legal solution in
a simpler and straightforward manner.

“We believe in utilizing our expertise and experience in creating value for our clients. A piece of
timely advice can save a lot of time, effort, and costs for a client. We provide value to all our clients
by being transparent with them. We deliver what we promise. Over the years, our integrity and
sincerity have given a real service to our clients,” asserts Harpreet Oberoi, Corporate Attorney at
Jotwani Associates LLP.

The professional excellence among the firm's associates is developed by focused and constant
internal training. They believe in providing specialized training to all its employees such as soft skills
training, communication (Internal and External), prevention of sexual harassment, foreign corrupt
practices act (FCPA), the art of advocacy, legal drafting, project management, deal negotiations, etc.
These trainings are being constantly provided to each of the advocate working with the firm.
“Our organization is employee-centric that provides a better workplace to work. An employee
spends the majority of his active hours at his workplace and he deserves a safe and happy
workplace. If our employees are happy and satisfied, our customers will automatically be happy,”
says Dinesh.

During the pandemic, the firm ensured that its employees feel safe, secure, and healthy. They
provide medical insurance to all their employees. They also provide lunch allowances to them.
According to Forbes India, Jotwani Associates is recognized as the Top 50 Law Firms of India in the
area of Technology, IPR, and Corporate Laws. The judgment was based on the criteria of
international and domestic client reviews.

About the Partners 

Dinesh Jotwani is the Co-Managing Partner at Jotwani Associates LLP. He has over 25 years of
experience in law, technology, and litigation with a focus on corporate, IPRs, and Government
Relations. Prior to Jotwani Associates, he was working as an in-house Counsel, Partner in Law Firms.
He was working as an independent consultant to several technology companies such as NCR
Corporation, Techorneys LLP, Microsoft, Symantec, and Evalueserve Pvt Ltd. He has held executive
positions in trade coalitions such as the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, The
Indian Legal Foundation (earlier called NBAI Foundation), and the Business Software Alliance.

At Jotwani Associates, he is responsible for building strategies and helping clients achieve their
business and personal goals. He also looks after the overall operations of the firm. He holds two US
Patents on e-discovery processes (7831544 & 8380687) used in litigation/ investigation. Dinesh has
authored a book called “Interface between Competition Law and IPRs: A global perspective,”
published by GIIP (2012).

Harpreet Oberoi is a registered Advocate and a Corporate Attorney with a legal practice experience
of more than 20 years. She has distinguished herself by working and advising several big
Multinational Clients such as Glaxo Smithkline, Cisco, Sandvik AB, Daewoo Corporation, Meltwater,
BDG International, Ansys, GVI Foundation, and WNS.

Harpreet was also a lecturer of Economics at Delhi University for 5 years before she took up law as a
professional. She has worked under several eminent Indian Economists in the Government of India,
including former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh at the Delhi School of Economics. She
also works for women’s well-being, women's rights, and several NGOs espousing the cause of
women in India.

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