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India is among the emerging startup grounds in the world currently. With over 127 thousand startups being officially recognized as of April 2024, some are doing better than others in their respective fields. As more of these startups emerge, an array of innovative ideas are put on display. These startups serve as inspirations for the upcoming generations looking forward to leaving a mark on the business terrain. We took our time and curated a List of Startup Companies in India 2024, have a look:

1. AbCoffee

  • Founder: Abhijeet Anand
  • Founding Year: 2022
  • Industry: Beverages

AbCoffee is a startup specialized coffee chain and India’s first tech-enabled Speciality Coffee Company. Driven towards making specialty coffee more accessible, AbCoffee brings India’s Best-grown coffee at honest prices to the people of India. 


2. AlmaBetter

  • Founder: Shivam Dutta, Arshyan Ahsan and Alok Anand
  • Founding Year: 2020
  • Industry: EdTech

AlmaBetter is an educational platform founded by IIT Kharagpur and IIT Delhi alumni. This pandemic-born brand provides an exceptional education with a specific emphasis on interaction, empathy, and openness. 


3. Baaz Bikes

  • Founder: Anubhav Sharma, Shubham Srivastava, Abhijeet Saxena and Karan Singla
  • Founding Year: 2019
  • Industry: Auto Tech

This affordable EV mobility platform manufactures and rents bikes. Baaz Bikes rents to gigi workers with their cost-effective in-house bikes delivered at the least cost.


4. Bakingo

  • Founder: Himanshu Chawla, Shrey Sehgal and Suman Patra
  • Founding Year: 2013
  • Industry: Food

In 2016, Bakingo was founded in Gurugram as a certified online cake and bakery shop. They specialize in delivering a variety of decorative cakes for all occasions. Today its branches exist in 15+ Indian cities serving 200+ items on the menu. 

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5. Chutnefy

  • Founder: Prasanna Natarajana and Shreyas Raghav
  • Founding Year: 2022
  • Industry: Food Premixes

Chutnefy was born to facilitate quick and easy meals when in a rush. The founders of the company, Prasanna Natarajana and Shreyas Raghav witnessed their wives struggle with preparing breakfast before school and got inspired to create an easy and delicious alternative. Chutnefy offers a range of delicious and authentic chutneys that take 5 minutes to prepare. 


6. Clinikally

  • Founder: Arjun Soin
  • Founding Year: 2021
  • Industry: Healthcare

This online dermatology consultation platform consists of board-certified dermatologists and customized products, catering to providing self-care routines at the edge of science. Clinikally’s product approach consists of Identifying the concern, targeting the root causes, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and relying on scientific evidence to provide the best-personalized solution.  


7. Elivaas

  • Founder: Ritwik Khare and Karan Miglani
  • Founding Year: 2023
  • Industry: Travel and Hospitality

One of the top startup companies in India for 2024, Elivaas offers luxury villas in sought-after destinations. The brand is driven towards combining hospitality and high-end with economical property management. This initiative has aided homeowners and travelers alike. 


8. Farmley

  • Founder: Abhishek Agarwal and Akash Sharma
  • Founding Year: 2016
  • Industry: Food Retail

This food retail reimagines dry fruits and nuts into guilt-free, tasty, and healthy snacks. They offer nutrition-packed dry fruits, nuts, and seeds in unique and delicious flavors, to satisfy snacking streaks. 


9. Listnr AI

  • Founder: Ananay Batra
  • Founding Year: 2020
  • Industry: Tech

Listnr AI is a super convenient platform that converts text to natural-sounding speech. This AI tool comes with advanced podcasting capabilities with over 1000 realistic voices helping create easy voiceovers and audio embedding for websites, videos and other places. Listnr AI offers voices in over 142 languages. It comes with excellent features including a clone of your own voice. 


10. Mindhouse

  • Founder: Pooja Khana and Pankaj Chaddah
  • Founding Year: 2019
  • Industry: Mental Health and Wellness

Founded in the year 2019, Mindhouse is a mental wellness app. Functioning like a mental gym, Mindhouse offers features like support for stress, anxiety, sleep issues and more. With its signature questionnaire, The Harmony Profile, it assesses the personality and needs of the subject and accordingly assigns an ideal therapist. 


10. Nish Hair

  • Founder: Parul Gulati
  • Founding Year: 2017
  • Industry: Beauty

One of the best hair extension startup companies in India, Nish Hair offers a range of high-quality human hair extensions, wigs and weaves. Their mission was to provide accessible and versatile human hair extensions. Catering to hair issues like hair loss, thinning and damaged hair, Nish Hair has grown since 2017.


11. Plush

  • Founder: Ketan Munoth and Prince Kapoor
  • Founding Year: 2018
  • Industry: Hygiene and Health

Plush is a certified woman-care brand that brings sustainable and women-friendly care products. This women’s wellness brand started out as a menstruation care brand in 2018 and has since evolved to offer a product range for period care, body hygiene, wellness, intimate wellness, and skincare. 


12. Snitch

  • Founder: Siddharth Dungarwal
  • Founding Year: 2018
  • Industry: Fashion

Snitch is a men’s clothing brand offering partywear, formal wear, leisure and loungewear, and accessories. The trendy designs catering to the needs of the modern man are what sets Snitch aside from the others.  


13. Vaaree

  • Founder: Garima Luthra, Pranav Arora, and Varun Vohra
  • Founding Year: 2021
  • Industry: Retail

Vaaree addresses itself as a go-to curated marketplace for home products. Offering a wide range of aesthetically pleasing home decor and comfort products, Vaaree’s main focus is on customer experience and quality efficiency. 


14. YouVah

  • Founder: Chetan Jachpure, Raghav Parsai and Rohit Jain
  • Founding Year: 2021
  • Industry: Employment Training

YouVah offers vocational training and mentorship while creating internships in different fields like content writing, video editing and more. This platform acts as a guide by providing practical experiences, resume-building tools and helps you in your journey of professional growth. 

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These companies and their journeys are more than success stories. Their visionary ideas compel one to think how many more dormant ideas are lying around us waiting to be pondered upon. Waiting to manifest itself. As it is said, all great startups start from an inconvenience and a human willing to change that. These startups serve as an inspiration and a new standard for the Indian Startup Ecosystem. We applaud their resilience and admire their initiative. And that was our List of Startup Companies in India 2024.

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