The Importance of Good Sleep in your Daily Life Routine

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The importance of good sleep in your daily life routine is essential. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most frequently ignored aspects of healthy life.  Good sleep is essential for a healthy body and sound mind. A good sleep is just as important as a balanced diet and exercise. Many people in the hustle and struggle of life compromise on their sleep. Even aware humans, doctors, and athletes often ignore their sleep to perfect their craft in one way or another hoping to become better at it. However, their declining mental and physical health become an obstacle in this journey. Then some people take sleep as a thing to check off on their list. Sleeping too much or sleeping without a complete collection of thoughts which is tossing and turning too much, seeing one exhausting dream after another; is not the true definition of good sleep

Before understanding the importance of good sleep it is important to understand what good sleep is. Experts say good sleep should be scheduled events lasting for no less than 8 hours. To get a good sleep a person will have to fix a schedule for their daily sleep and follow that schedule. Let me paint a picture of good sleep for you. You decide you’ll go to sleep every day at nine o’clock and wake up at five o’clock, that is you will take a complete eight hours of sleep. Now if you make sure you are in bed by quarter to nine, keeping away all sources of distraction i.e. your phone, falling asleep by nine, and waking up after eight hours later at five clock in the morning, you can conclude you had a good sleep

But you see the issue arises elsewhere, even people who want to have a good sleep often fail to achieve so. They end up believing sleep isn’t coming to them. But they fail to recognize that good sleep is not something that comes to you, it’s something that you choose for yourself. Often when someone claims that they are not able to fall asleep, there are a plethora of reasons working at the back of this occurrence.

Firstly, if you have a poor sleep routine, it will take you some time to switch to a healthy and stable one, It hardly comes into effect overnight. You will need to stay consistent for a few nights regarding your schedule, eventually, your mind and body will adjust to this new time and you will fall asleep in no time. Another big mistake slime people make is when they decide upon a time and go to their beds they are extremely bustling. Sleep puts you in a serene dead-like state, you can’t go from being chipper to asleep in a matter of minutes. Until you calm yourself up, sleep will not come to you. But when you don’t fall asleep in the first few minutes, you pick up your phone again. This pulls you further away from sleep. Another huge mistake people often make is, they don’t engage in enough physical activities. Just like sleep can affect your physical health, your physical health can affect your sleep. Our body requires a minimum amount of physical movement to function properly. No matter how busy you are in life, a fifteen-minute scroll, a five-minute power walk, or jogging can do wonders for your health and sleep. For your body to go into rest mode, it must experience an active state earlier in the day. The complete lack of any physical activity will worsen your health day by day. 

Most importantly, many people want to improve their quality of life and move towards a more positive lifestyle but they forget to remove a critical hindrance, stress. Everyone in this world is struggling in some way or the other, and no matter how common your pains are they are valid. But you need to be conscious about not letting stress invite more stress in your life. This will only capture you in a loop you will find impossible to get out of. If you feel your stress is becoming a hindrance to your health, opt for meditation or therapy. You can only face the situation in front of you when you are physically and mentally sound. End this cycle of negativity and choose your health over your worries. Only then you can get a good night’s sleep.

But why is good sleep so important? Apart from keeping you healthy a good night’s sleep is beneficial in a lot of ways. Studies have proven a good sleep can improve your memory. It gives our brain a much-needed rest from all the overstimulation hence improving the memory quality. As we have already discussed good sleep improves performance. It gives your body the recharging time. Another great thing about good sleep is it can help maintain your weight as it improves your calorie regulation.

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So, how do we improve our sleep? It’s simple! Start going to bed around the same time each night, and pay attention to waking up after eight hours. Engage in some physical activities during the day. Make sure to get out of the house at least once. Just take a stroll after work and dinner. Take the clean air inside your system, let the cold breeze brush your cheeks, and give yourself that calming experience before getting into bed. Make sure to take care of your mental health. Take some time out of the day to meditate. And most importantly if you have had eight jours of sleep, avoid oversleeping. You don’t need a three-hour long afternoon nap after you have had a good night’s sleep. Avoid overdoing it.

Sleep is often neglected, although it can make or break your physical and mental health. More and more people are compromising pon their sleep due to overstimulation from the gadgets around us. Keep the white light away by the end of the day and pick up a book. If you love reading it will calm you down and put you to sleep and if you don’t if will bore you out and put you to sleep. Either way, it will help you leave the wakefulness and slip into your slumber.

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