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Amald Merchant Services: International Payment Gateway Provider

In order to further ease payment experience for merchants including start-ups and small businesses, Amald Merchant Services offers a faster solution to merchants as regard to payment processes and offers long-lasting assistance. It has launched the Credit card solutions which have made processes easy if you want a merchant account. Credit card offers a speedy solution to your business transaction once you avail solution from it. Merchants or partners can control payment mode sequencing, for instance, credit card over net banking etc.

On the other hand, Our management squad has proven expertise in the financial amenities serving high-risk businesses. We offer credit card processing service to merchants from all over the world. Our high-risk solutions offer a safe business transaction to corporate for enhancing their transaction process. We are well-known for high-risk solutions to our merchants across the globe. Amald offers altered solutions with durable corporate supremacy and autonomously reviewed with its PCI-DSS compliance gateway. We meet the requirements of merchants and this is possible through our experts. Our experts offer you solution through acquiring banks such as card issuers, internet payment networks and various others in this Payment Gateway assemblage.

And merchants are flocking to these services to provide customers with the payment options they want so they can drive sales even as consumer spending struggles and in-store retail falters. These factors are behind Splitit’s MSV growth as well as the recent successes of competitors like Afterpay and Klarna. Amald appears to be trailing other merchant providers in terms of scale, but its recent slew of partnerships could help it grow quickly.

We talked to Uday Kumar, Strategic Manager, International Partnership, AmaldMerchant Services, about how has been the journey. We asked him about the goal of the company. He says, “You never have one, we have many targets but we focus one at a time and put our best as a team to achieve. Our immediate goal is to expand our portfolio of offerings, at the moment we have been dealing with nearly more than 40 APMs including major Card processing, we would like to expand it to 100 by the end of the year.” He encourages an honest survey of work habits and tendencies.

  • The Gateway Services: Amald is known for its payment gateway services to merchants whether you are the owner of low –risk business or high-risk business; we offer solutions at a price that is suitable for you. Being one of the reliable service providers, Amald is known for its exceptional gateway solution. Our experts are quite skilled at offering an adequate solution for your business to run in an appropriate way. We are experienced enough to offer a solution to any sort of business that you are running. We have created a mark for ourselves in this industry to make our clients attain huge revenue.An exclusive Payment Gateway market research report provides depth analysis of the market dynamics across different regions. The segmentation of the market by type, application, and region was done based on the thorough market analysis and validation through expensive primary inputs from industry experts, key opinion leaders of companies, stakeholders, and secondary research.
  • Overcoming The Acceptance Barrier: Credit card solutions have made processes easy if you want a merchant account. Credit card offers a speedy solution to your business transaction once you avail solution from us. With credit cards, your customers pay-out in a relaxed manner. We asked him about the biggest challenges he has to overcome. He says, “Fin-Tech industry is always challenging, latest tools, knowledge and the skill keeps on changing, we are having regular trainings to keep pace with ever changing international laws and regulations but that is part of the job. We love that.” Suppliers have an opportunity to receive payments more quickly, while corporate buyers often gain the option of early payment discounts that they can access via card payments.With commercial credit cards historically viewed as a payment vehicle for businesses to make one-off purchases for the office or while on a business trip, the small business credit card has yet to catch up to adoption volumes seen by other payment methods like direct bank transfers in the B2B payments space.More recently, commercial card innovators have explored opportunities to gain traction in other spending categories, with accounts payable and supplier acceptance now common targets for B2B FinTechs looking to arm businesses with a way to pay invoices without compromising valuable working capital float.
  • Prioritizing Public Cloud: “Amald consists of specialists who are too good at offering service to the merchants. Our experts offer accuracy to your business transaction once you approach for a payment gateway. They are quick to offer you solutions without a fuss. They are highly cooperative while offering an instant solution to your problem.” He further adds, “We are not limited to particular set guidelines; we are more flexible in our approach. We have been dealing with almost each category of merchants globally, though we are acclaimed and known for the Merchant Solutions for High-Risk Businesses category but we would not shy away from the fact that we do cater so called low Risk businesses too. Working closely with more than a dozen of acquiring partners all around the globe we have really big advantage of multiple solutions that can be catered to our partner Merchants.”
  • Golden Words:He wants to share what he has learnt from his exciting journey.He says, “Self believe, explore your potentials and upgrade a bit every day. Rather running after the success and money, try being innovative every day, be honest to yourself and to the goal. It will take you to the place you want to be. Never forget sincerity, integrity and honesty, these are not just terms but the building blocks your success.”


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