Bridging the Gap Between Business Consulting and Technology Implementation

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In the dynamic business environment, it is inevitable for enterprises globally to transform themselves to remain competitive, create value for their customers, drive innovation & operating efficiency, while running as a well oiled engine. AAIS Global with ERP/HCM/Cx/EPM expertise & services enables businesses to transform digitally and scale up operations. Founder & CEO, Amit Jain, shared the journey of AAIS Global with Outlook team. “Either companies were providing pure-play business consulting or technology solution, there has been a gap for combo of business consulting & technology implementation together”. To cater to this need, the idea of AAIS Global was born. From a start-up in an apartment room, in a decade long amazing journey, AAIS has a global base with employees/ operations in 5 countries viz. USA (San Jose & Cheyenne), Dubai, Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), Egypt (Cairo), India (Pune & Jaipur). This brings Local Workforce and Global Expertise as value-add to the clients. The company has 175+ customers across 15+ countries, including One of the largest conglomerates (USD 25+ Billion) in India, A large enterprise based in New York with operations and distribution centres across 90 countries, One of the world’s top three duty free over international airports, etc. Especially in Middle-East (GCC) region, AAIS have catered almost one of the top five companies across most of the verticals.


By implementing industry-focused Oracle Cloud (SaaS) applications & Tech revamp using OCI, AAIS is helping clients to adopt industry best practices with sustainable growth. Innovation, adoption & ethics are an integral part of our work.

Vision & Mission

Amit said, The ultimate goal is to help businesses grow and make IT a true growth enabler. With our IT & industry
excellence, we want our customers to increase revenue, get the competitive advantage, create value to their customers & build resilient and sustainable operations. Aditi Patil, COO, AAIS said, I am happy to state that
our intrinsic spirit is to continue delivering value to our customers through a highly structured, proven delivery
methodology that effectively caters all the strategic priorities & KPIs of our customers. Service Offerings include business consulting & implementation of Oracle Cloud SaaS solutions

• Solutions include ERP, Supply Chain, Human Capital Management (HCM), Projects, Enterprise Performance, BI/Analytics, Industry 4.0 (smart factory, IOT), AI & ML.
• Industry solutions & Extensions comprising Best practices, use cases, Extensions over and above Oracle SaaS to delivery industry-specific solutions for EPC, Professional Services, Logistics verticals, among others.
• Localizations expertise for 15+ countries, including Local GAAP/ Accounting standards, Tax/ compliance,

HR/Payroll for multiple countries including India, Middle-East, US, South-East region, etc.

Delivery Excellence

AAIS has built robust and highly structured delivery process that is backed by a modern age, AI driven Internal digital systems across all departments. These provide ready snapshot of project progress anytime, anywhere for clients with social contextual collaboration & interactions. This represents a predictable project success and unique, seamless project experience to customers. With this mainstay, the company is ready for 10x growth.

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