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Founded in 1998 by Raj Sardana, Innova Solutions employs approximately 50,000 professionals worldwide and reports an annual revenue approaching $3 billion. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Innova is expanding its presence and investing in the Indian market to ensure best-in-class delivery for local businesses. With capabilities spanning across each stage of the digital-first journey—from early-stage opportunity assessments to implementation of data programs, cloud services, AI/ML models, automated processes, customer engagement programs, and cyber security—Innova delivers strategic technology and business transformation solutions to clients, enabling them to operate as leaders within their fields.

Innova serves clients ranging in size from SMB to Fortune 1000 across several industries including: Healthcare, Insurance, & Life Sciences; Communications & Media; Retail, Manufacturing, & Transport; Banking and Financial Services; and Hi-Tech. “Innova in India is uniquely positioned to help SMBs, Large Enterprises and startups on their digital transformation journey and accelerate growth. We have ambitious plans to invest and expand the business and create 5X employment in 3 year timeframe.

India will be at the epicenter of our strategy & help drive value for our clients through industry specific investments & Domain centric Digital-First capabilities”, said Pradeep Yadlapati, Sr. Vice President & Country Head, Innova Solutions. To deliver digital solutions for emerging business challenges, Innova offers a flexible mix of services customized to match the needs of each client. For example, leveraging Innova’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, clients can accelerate the building of remote technology teams while retaining control of intellectual capital and optimizing outcomes. To deliver the BOT model, Innova leverages its global delivery centers, including locations in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, and Pune.

Raj Sardana, CEO of Innova, stated: “Innovation has always been at the core of our robust technology offerings and industry solutions. ‘Innova’ represents the unyielding spirit of innovation that has driven us to accelerate our
growth and become industry leaders employing 50,000+ professionals in locations across four continents and reporting an annual revenue approaching $3 Billion. As Innova, we will continue to pioneer technological and business solutions and serve as change agents for opportunity and value.”

Looking to the future, Innova plans to scale-up global delivery to meet evolving client needs, particularly by expanding its presence across Europe and Asia.

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