A Glimpse of India International Trade Fair

November marks the beginning of several upcoming events. There are many events that are in the line-up to attract millions of people as well as to celebrate and educate us about people and place, the values of our community, and what we hold dear in our city, region, or even across the globe. There are many events that take place every year in Delhi and India. The India International Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi, is one of those events. Since its inception in 1980, it has built a sense of memory in every Delhiite.

Pragati Maidan Exhibition 2023

This event is also known as the Pragati Maidan Exhibition, as it is held in Pragati Maidan in New Delhi between November 14 and November 27 every year and is organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization. There is no doubt in saying that the “Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi” is a major tourist attraction, and not only Delhiites but people from all around the nation and even from the country came to visit it. India International Trade Fair Pragati Maidan Delhi provides a common platform for traders, importers, manufacturers, and exporters.

IITF 2023In a single event, visitors can find a wide range of products and services, including textiles, automobiles, processed food, kitchen appliances, coir products, household appliances, garments, jute, chemicals, confectionery, beverages, cosmetics, confectionery, body care and health care products, pharmaceuticals, power sector, electronic sector, sporting goods, telecommunication, power sector, furniture, toys, engineering goods, and home furnishing. Just like every year (except Lockdown), the Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi, was again held in 2023, and this time, the team of “BusinessView Magazine” decided to explore the event, and now we are present here with detailed coverage of it.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: United by Trade

The 42nd India International Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan has wrapped up the event with more than 3,500 exhibitors who gathered together to commemorate the rich heritage of India’s crafts and handloom. Every year, the theme of the event is different, and this time the theme of the Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi, was “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: United by Trade.” It was pretty hard to cover all pavilions, but still, the team at BusinessView Magazine has managed to cover the major pavilions, and readers can also watch the live coverage through the YouTube channel “BusinessView TV.”


What So Special About The Trade Fair In Delhi 2023?

This year, the vibe of the India International Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi, was pretty different, as the event was held in the same place where the G20 Summit was held. The Team of BusinessView Magazine started the coverage with H2 Hall, where most of the states and even some countries were displaying their stalls. The enthusiasm of the team was totally in line with the excitement of state artisans who were eager to sell their products, and most of them were handmade. There is no doubt in saying that the rate of some products was pretty high, but they were totally worth the quality of them.

Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan DelhiThe artisans of Uttar Pradesh were selling their popular products, and most of them were handmade. The 42nd edition of the trade fair at Bharat Mandapam was a melting pot of cultures. Home decor pieces, dry fruits, and food products were just some of the items on offer, and the food products were also organic. In the H1 hall, there were pavilions of other countries as well, such as Tunisia, Tibet, Afghanistan, Iraq, Thailand, Egypt, and so on. The team at BusinessView Magazine particularly liked the Tibetan stall, as the women at the stall were portraying women’s empowerment. They were selling shawls, stalls, jackets, and scarves that were made of the wool of Yak. These items were made by women artisans only, and even the price of these products was pretty fair. The enthusiasm and hospitality of these female sellers made everyone purchase their product.

Experiences Of Sellers And Responses At India International Trade Fair Pragati Maidan

The team also spoke to the employee from Tunisia who was having his stall at the Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi, where he was selling the products that were specially made of olive wood. The price of his products was pretty high, but his sole purpose was to make people aware of his country. During the interaction with the team, the employee stated, “There are many people who still do not know about his country, and with the help of the embassy, he got the chance to have their stall at the Pragati Maidan Exhibition 2023. He wants the visitors to know more about his place, culture and its beauty.” After having a conversation with the owners or employees of these stalls, the next stop of the team was again H2 on the 4th floor.



Pragati Maidan Exhibition 2023On the 4th floor of H2 at the Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi, there were many sections that had stalls of different states, including stalls of government institutions. But the team decided to explore the Pavilion of Himachal, and at the entrance of the gate, they found the 5–6 stalls of different districts of Himachal. After greeting all of them, the team decided to have a conversation with each employee or the owner of the stall. Most of them were selling textiles and food products. One of the employees at the stall in Kangra district expressed his gratitude towards the government of Himachal Pradesh, which helped them get the chance to display their products.


The employee stated that the sole purpose of his appearance at the Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan Delhi, was to make people aware of the culture. However, most of them stated that this year the response of the visitors was quite different, which affected their business, and the reason for their slow business was that they were not able to sell most of their products. Most of the employees of the stalls in different states made the same comment, but the business of some stalls was pretty good. During our interaction with these small or large enterprises, we learned about the difficulties they faced and how they tackled them.



The team ended their visit with the beauty of Bharat Mandapam and the cultural and lighting show. The experience of the entire visit or coverage was good, but the only thing that was disappointing was the food. Despite paying a high amount to the food court, they failed to provide good-quality food. But if we ignore it, the overall experience is good. The rest of the coverage readers can find on the YouTube channel of BusinessView TV.