Role on Video in the New Age Marketing Strategies of 2020

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Role on Video in the New Age Marketing Strategies of 2020

The year 2020 is a sea of changes, and we are seeing things that were unheard of in the past. As an adaptable race, human beings are doing all that they can to adapt to it. With social distancing protocols in place, the only way for people to connect with each other was through a digital medium.  This has forced people who were averse to the use of technology to adapt to it with grace and spend more time online.

Psychologists believe that when any habit is practiced at a stretch for 21 days, it becomes a habit. Considering that social distancing and increased online activities have been in place for several months now, it will be fair to state that a good portion of consumers have already made a permanent move to digital media.

For any brand looking to market its products, the focus is always on reaching out to people and conveying the effectiveness of a product or service. If a brand is able to communicate to a user in a format that is convenient to the latter, then the person will be more likely to listen. That is why brands are on a continuous lookout for better ways of getting their message across to the target group.

Considering the present situation, it is obvious that digital marketing is the only way for brands to reach out to their customers, most of whom will not prefer to come out of their homes unless they have a very strong reason for the same. Among the various forms of digital content, video remains the one that is the best received among the audience. High internet penetration, coupled with easy access to smartphones, has brought the comfort of video viewing in the hands of billions of people across the globe.

For brands, this is the best time to improve their video marketing strategies and reach out to their target group. If a brand can establish its presence and reach out to customers even in such trying times, it will lay the foundations of a lifetime of a healthy business relationship with the said customers. To aid you in your journey of establishing such a relationship, here are some tips.

Introduce Shoppable Videos

These days, social media marketing is a part of the digital strategies of most product-based companies. You can take things a notch higher and come up with shoppable videos that allow a viewer to make the purchase simply by clicking on the video.

This type of video content provokes the desire to make a purchase in a potential customer by using high-quality video to illustrate its benefits.  It is the virtual equivalent of the salesman who encourages a customer to buy a product by illustrating its relevance. Viewers in 2020 are keen to be assisted at each step of the way, and that is the main reason for the popularity of such videos.

Show Videos That Illustrate Your Corona Preparedness

With the initial lockdowns being eased, businesses in many parts of the world are now looking to open up in a phased manner. In such a situation, it is understandable that some of your loyal customers will be skeptical about choosing you. To reassure them that you are following all the safety standards laid out by the different health organizations and local bodies, come up with appropriate videos.

If you are re-opening your stores, talk about the measures that you are adapting to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. For those encouraging customers to make a digital purchase, mention the incentives of e-shopping in your video.

Create Positional Videos Even If You Are Not Operating

It is understandable if your production or service is stalled due to the existing pandemic. However, do not let the current situation become an excuse for you to disconnect from your customers. Remember, it takes a very small amount of time to undo all the efforts that you had put into building your current customer base.

Creating a video to tell your customers of your present handicap and reassure them that you will rise stronger will go a long way in maintaining the trust of your loyal customers. A very good example in this regard is that of Nutella, which created a video ad during the lockdown. Created on a tight budget and with limited access to shooting equipment, this ad takes the viewers to cherish the moments that they are getting to spend with their family.

Understand that most smartphones today can record videos in 4K quality, and that should suffice in creating a positional video for your brand. Based on your editing proficiency and marketing budget, you can choose from a host video maker tools.

Create Informative Videos

The coronavirus pandemic has brought forth an uncertainty in all our lives, and your customers are no exception to this. In such a situation, if you can establish, you can come up with industry-relevant educational videos, then you will be able to catch their attention. Start by scrolling through the comments in your past videos to understand the type of content that your customers expect you to create.

If you are new to video making and do not have such comments on your videos, chalk out competitors and view their YouTube channels. The comments on their videos should help you. Once you have the topics sorted, work on creating quality content with as little promotional talks as possible.

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While using your brand logo and brand colors is recommended, you need not spell out your products or services in such informative videos. Remember, if you are able to provide things of value to your customers during such challenging times, they will remember you after all of this has passed, and this will sow the seeds of customer loyalty.

It is understandable that the pandemic has taken a toll on your business expansion plans for 2020. However, you must realize that at the moment, it is all about surviving the day and preparing for a better tomorrow. With the digital marketing strategies discussed in this article, you will be able to make sure that the pandemic is not a hindrance to your business’s long-term growth and expansion.

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