Unlocking The Potential: Discover The Best Social Media Marketing Tools

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Discover the Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media not only acts as a connecting tool but also forms the backbone of marketing. Hence, it is important to know Social Media Marketing Tools. In an era, where one spends their life mostly on these platforms, it gets easy for a brand to sell their products if they have the correct knowledge of branding or marketing. The correct knowledge of social media marketing tools will act as a profitable weapon. If one knows the marketing tactics it gets easy for them to generate leads. 

However, we believe that social media marketing is a complex subject and without the proper knowledge it is hard to do branding of your products. In this regard, we are present here to share the knowledge of some Social Media Marketing Tools that will be helpful to the users for branding and generating leads without the hustle. Marketing is not merely about posting content but it also involves monitoring the content and scheduling it at specific times to engage the audience.

Check out some of the best “Social Media Marketing Tools” in this article. These tools are helpful to enhance operations without investing much time. So, come join us as we explore some of the prominent social media marketing tools to facilitate automation, creation, and user experience without putting much effort into it. We have categorized the tools under different groups as per user needs and demands.


Social Media Marketing Tools List

Based on Scheduling

1. Buffer:

It is a paid tool that is helpful to manage major social media accounts. One should need to purchase a subscription to use all the features of Buffer including Buffer Analyze and Buffer Reply. Despite being a helpful tool many agencies and small teams find this marketing social media marketing tool quite expensive when it comes to use for the long run. However, its results help schedule the posts on all major social media platforms. With a few clicks, one can post their content on social media accounts. 


Why choose Buffer?

  • Buffer is highly beneficial for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and social media marketers because it enables them to optimize their social handles from a common dashboard, hence saving time and effort. 
  • It can be customized as per business requirements. 
  • Users can monitor and analyze metrics across different platforms simultaneously. 
  • They no longer need to analyze each handle separately. 
  • The key features of Buffer include Engagement tools, Custom access and permissions, Buffer AI Assistant, white labeling for reports and many others. 
  • The basic version of Buffer is free to use but to use its feature one needs to pay an amount. 


2. Loomly:

The next social media marketing tool listed here is Loomly. Just like Buffer, Loomly helps marketers attract new audiences and establish their brand online. One can integrate his or her content on a variety of platforms from a single interface. Simply put, it is a simple social media calendar that is aimed at content discovery, organization, and management. 


Why choose Loomly?

  • With Loomly, content can be scheduled for the perfect time to be posted on social sites. 
  • Loomly is backed with AI features such as Content suggestions and Ad targeting.
  • It is a pocket-friendly tool compared to many other platforms available. 
  • Being a social media calendar, Loomly unites with Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. 


Based on Content Writing

3. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo helps find new content and create new ones to expand the outreach. Depending on interest areas, BuzzSumo offers four dimensions-Influencer Research, Content Discovery, Content Research, and Media Monitoring. This is the reason that we are listing this tool in the list of “Social Media Marketing Tools”.


Why use BuzzSumo?

  • It helps in tracking new trending content.
  • Assists in tracking your growth and performance through statistics.
  • Promotes growing over new and diverse audiences. 
  • It costs $179 for 10 users. 


4. Quuu:

Next on the list of social media marketing tools is “Quuu” which helps you save your precious time without investing much in creating and scheduling posts. If you want to market your brand and need help finding relevant content, Quuu provides you with a hundred suggestions to get started with. The user of Quuu can set this tool to automatically share relevant content to their social media accounts at particular intervals or periods. 


Why use Quuu

  • Quuu partners with Buffer and HubSpot to produce content.
  • Provides a plethora of highly-curated content to users related to various industries. 
  • Users can customize content according to keywords, topics, and industry type. 


5. UpContent:

UpContent is also a powerful social media tool that is helpful to save your time. Like Quuu and BuzzSumo, UpContent also produces unique content for marketing. One of the interesting features or facts about this tool is that it claims to save your content searching time nearly 65%. It further claims to provide a chain of fresh content. This tool compiled more than 1.5 million monthly articles for clients and users. 


Why use UpContent?

  • The content generated by UpContent is reliable and of high quality.
  • The user of UpContent can create tailor-made articles, add pictures from Shutterstock access
  • It provides a platform to centralise and manage the curation of the content
  • Less time taking
  • Straightly provide content to reviewers and third-management software


6. Brand24:

The next tool we are adding to the list of “Social Media Marketing Tools” is Brand24. It is an AI-powered social media listening tool that is used to find out the thoughts of the people regarding the brand. With the help of Brand24, the user can monitor brands to gather insights, analyze audience sentiment, analyze competitors and track brand mentions across the internet via this tool. This social media tool is also used to identify influencers in their niche.  


Why use Brand24?

  •  With the help of this tool, one can use it as a hashtag tracker 
  • Tracks 25 million public online sources
  • It also mentions feed
  • UpContent supports 108 languages
  • This tool also shows the “Influencer Influence Score”


7. Cortex:

The next tool we are recommending to the user is the Cortex tool. It is one of the quite useful tools in the list of “Social Media Marketing Tools”. Many global brands are using it including L’Oreal Paris, Marriott, and Kraft Heinz. This tool is used to create visual content for different channels including websites, email and social media platforms. 


Why Use Cortex? 

  • Cortex provides AI-driven social media insights and analytics across numerous social media platforms. 
  • Users can check the latest trends in the industry with the help of it
  • Visual trend analytics
  • customizable insights 
  • The workflow of this tool can reduce the time
  • One of the best feature of this tool is advanced demographic filtering feature
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