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Radiant Parenteral Ltd: Expertise of three decades in Parenteral

In recent times, pharmaceutical and related industry has traversed a long way. To ensure safe and healthy medication, a number of companies have been working day in and day out. Today we are going to talk about one such company which has been successfully operating for more than three decades. We are talking about none other than Radiant Parenteral itself.

Radiant Parenteral Ltd. is manufacturer of small volume liquid parenterals (general), oral liquids, tissue adhesives (wound closer). RPL is a WHO-GMP & ISO 9001-2015 certified company & has a goods laboratory practice. The organization was established in the year 1986 at Baroda in Gujarat with a handful committed people with an objective to produce quality products for human health care. Today, this organization is amongst the 100 fastest growing companies in India.

The company finds its forte in its quality. They take pride in the fact that their products have never failed any type of test till date. The Company has always believed to set long term goals and work towards achieving those goals. The Company has set eyes on becoming a major exporter of pharmaceutical drugs to almost all the countries in the world by 2025. The Management has already started working towards this goal since last few years for exporting to lot of countries. But in order to achieve its desired goal, there is a need of proper Govt. channels to help gain easy access in international markets with equal opportunities as the local player. They as a management need to hire specific professionals who are aware of the ground realities of that specific market to help strengthen the roots on the ground.

To reach here, the company has always believed in quality over quantity. The Company never compromised and was able to maintain a quality standard of their products, which was well recognized by its consumers.  The company always promoted ethical practices throughout the chain of command. It has braved the biggest challenge raised by local competition that did not care for the quality products, but more of bulk order.  They also indulge in unethical ways like bribery and favors to its consumers.

Talking about the company’s hierarchy, it follows a horizontal, one to one hierarchy where all its members can interact with one another directly without having to go through any middle man. They also have top down teams with capable persons as their leader to help them guide better. The Company has always worked on old traditional family values treating each and every employee as a family member giving them sense of belonging.  They aspire to merge the same with a more professional value giving a broader outlook as the Company.

Affordable health care

As a company, they are proud of its people and what they have achieved.  People have always been the biggest strength of the organization. They even have employees who have been with them for more than 25 years. The company has always believed in affordable health care without compromising the quality of the drug.  As a matter of fact, the Company’s lingo is “Affordable Price- Multinational Quality”.

The Company also has few patented and unique products which has given a competitive edge to them.

The company in its course of time has seen a roller coaster ride, but whenever they have made a mistake they have openly accepted it and made sure such mistake is not repeated in future. They have analyzed it, learnt from it, but never ignored it. The top management of the company consider the mselves more of a manager than a leader as responsibilities of a manager is to not only lead. The company manages its efficacy and efficiency to its peak and to achieve this, very strong decision has to be made on daily basis.

To encourage creative within organization, they always make sure that no idea whether big or small, right or wrong goes unheard. The doors are always open for any productive ideas that any of the team members has. They always appreciate them, but never taunt or blame their employees if something goes wrong.  Thus people are not afraid to come up to them with different ideas.

Working round the clock

Each department of the company has their own team which works round the clock to increasing efficiency of that particular department. New ideas are welcome. New ideas can come right from smallest link in the chain to the top management.

When it comes to mission, core values and vision, the company gives impetus to all the three. All three are important for any organization if it wants to be successful. A mission without core values or vision is already lost before it even starts. Likewise mission and vision without core values are just empty talks.  So one can’t achieve one without other. To communicate the core values, the company does it by enacting and embedding core values in oneself. Preaching without action does not go down well.  So, one needs to set an example for others to follow.

The company has worked hard to reach this far. Good opportunity were grabbed which helped them survive the slow down. Future bold decisions and some luck helped them to reach where they are today, but the most important one is attitude of never giving up even once. This Company was build ground up by few hard working people, who had laid the foundation of their values in its, we are proud to follow the same and carry on their values s and we hope to leave behind a legacy.

Talking about the team management, company’s key officials are Mukesh J. Shah (CMD), Amit M. Shah (Director), Surbhit M. Shah (Director).

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