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One of India’s fastest growing consumer-tech brands, The House of Abhinandan Lodha (HoABL) was born out of a vision to democratize land in the country. Lack of physical security and legal clarity of land are very large barriers that impede large consumption of land at retail level. To ensure that land can be a part of every retail investor’s asset portfolio, we’ve made the process simpler with the use of technology. We’ve curated New Generation Land which is built on the promise of security, transparency, liquidity and means to create inter-generational wealth.

The HoABL tech platform unleashes the power of technology to deliver its brand promises & makes it integral to the existence & growth of business. With the usage of DigiTech we are disrupting the category. From using AI for booking, registration and documentation processes, technology has ensured the land purchase can happen with a click of a button.

With branded land, they get the promise of secure ownership, transparent process and documentation and also data on appreciation to build intergenerational wealth. The recent soft launch of the HoABL app which can help you buy land in just 3 clicks is one of the many steps to pioneer this category. Through the app, we are giving control back to customers. We’re empowering them to purchase land online, view the entire paperwork of their land investments, make timely milestone payments online and keep abreast with all the progress in their investment.

This is one of its kind app in the industry today. Since it’s inception in 2021, HoABL has successfully sold more than 3.3mn sq. ft. of land across western India such as Dapoli, Anjarle, Alibaug, Neral and Goa. We are a family of more than 3000+ investors who bought their first land with us. In FY23-24, we plan to roll out 11 news projects. Some of these new projects in the pipeline are in Alibaug, Goa, Ayodhya, Lonavala and two locations in the Konkan region.

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