Sri. M.K. Paper Mills: Revolutionizing the Paper Production Industry

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Sri. M.K. Paper Mills: Revolutionizing the Paper Production Industry

Sri. M.K. Paper Mills

Paper is an indispensable part of our lives, without which most of our work would stop. Whether for writing, or packaging, we need papers in almost our daily routines. Therefore, catering to the needs of the people nationwide, Sri. M.K. Paper Mills is one such industry that comes out as the only paper production mill with a capacity of 55,000 tonnes annually. Unlike other industries that set up their manufacturing units in metropolitan cities, Sri. M.K. Paper Mills is situated in Nizamabad, Telangana. Being a business-oriented city, this place was the wisest choice made by the owner of the paper mill Aman Kedia. It was established in 2013, and since then, Aman along with his team, have been soaring high up in the ladders of growth and success.

While delivering clients with eco-friendly paper products, M.K. ‘s devotion to sustainability has been truly commendable, which is even visible in their product range. From paper bags to ream wrapping paper, fluting paper, etc., they all use sustainable production practices for the sake of environmental safety. M.K. Paper Mills uses the latest technology and processes to produce world-class paper consumables. Its commitment to customer satisfaction has made this paper mill a leading production unit in its business industry. 

Talking about the owner Aman Kedia, comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Watching his father and paternal uncle since childhood, he had developed an inclination for business in his youth days. Engineering made him realize that one needs to be at the top of his work 24*7. So after obtaining his engineering degree, Aman entered into his family business, Aman made it clear that he wanted to do something big. Hence, Sri M.K. Paper Mills came into being, ruling the paper industry, especially in Nizamabad. The town also contributed to the success of his paper mill since Nizamabad is a place that attracts businesses and growth. All of their items undergo strict quality checks and pollution controls before sending them for supply.

Such thoughtful ideas and innovations have earned Aman and his team various recognitions from the government and other authorities on the corporate level. M.K. Paper Mills has won Global Business Achievement Award for the year 2022, by Top Notch Foundation. Aman was also awarded the Young Entrepreneurs Award in the year 2022 at the Business Awards organized by Franchise India in Hyderabad. Apart from the various awards and certifications that they have received, the paper mill has been listed as top 10 paper mills in the financial year 2021-22 by a renowned magazine. Several noteworthy magazines have also covered their interviews for their publications. All of these recognitions have made them a top-tier player in the paper sector. 

Due to their eco-friendly nature of producing and supplying products, Sri M.K. Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. has gained positive feedback from their customer portfolio. Instilling a comprehensive need for sustainability in the minds of the younger generation, Aman Kedia leads by example through his concept of ozone-friendly packaging materials and other products. He has also laid an example for his perseverance and dedication to his work, and now he is among the top industries in the country. Being an accountable individual of the country, he conveys the idea that everything is possible if one dreams of it and works hard to achieve his goals. We wish him all the best for his upcoming plans and initiatives.

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