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What makes an organisation truly exceptional, where people thrive and mutual trust transcends roles and titles? How can values of ownership take root in the very fabric of the workplace in a way that each employee takes pride in what they have collectively accomplished?

Univo Edtech, a cutting-edge start-up in the education space is proving to be the place that has all the answers. It is leading the change in democratising quality higher education in India by bringing together a culmination of the best minds in this sector. Offering scale to top tier Universities in India & abroad, Univo is committed to building a nation where anyone anywhere can reap the benefits of quality & value for
money education.

Cultivating trust

Spearheading the company is Mr. Ajit Chauhan, a veteran entrepreneur, who is deeply committed to constructing a transformative learning environment and a digital classroom that facilitates student mobility and access to education from anywhere. Mr. Chauhan believes that geographical boundaries should not impede access to digital classrooms. Under his able leadership, Univo is on a mission to become India’s largest edtech, powering world-class higher education online to impact and transform lives.

One of the early-day pioneers in the digital learning space with more than two decades of experience to boot, Univo's reputed leadership is at the vanguard of shaping the future of education. In the long run, they aspire to transform the lives of millions of learners through tech-enabled, scalable learning solutions.

Nurturing excellence in the workplace

Univo’s corporate values enable it to maximise human potential and drive financial growth across the organisation. U – Unity, N – Never say never, I – Innovation, V – Valour, and O – Ownership. These values form the cornerstone of trust within Univo, which is integrated by an environment that enables innovative and out-of-the-box thinking that lays the groundwork for effective collaboration across teams. At Univo, there is always room for novel ideas. This fuels growth and empowers Univo to create memorable learning experiences for all its learners. The company encourages all its members to broaden their horizons and dust themselves off whenever they stumble on this journey of transformation. This valour fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and builds a culture of ownership in the firm.

Holistic wellness

Univo is committed to the overall wellness and work-life balance of its employees. The following best practices and a multitude of team-building activities help the organisation build and maintain an engaging and positive work culture:

Welcome, innovation: The firm promotes and embraces disruptive thinking that prompts groundbreaking innovations. New ideas are celebrated and discussed across teams within the organisation.

Championing an attitude of growth: Univo believes that everyone can unlock their full potential by developing a growth mindset. The firm lays great emphasis on upskilling and reskilling one and all.

A pat on the back makes a world of difference: Be it ‘wow cards’, ‘fun Fridays’, or other weekly events, Univo understands the importance of recognising and commending great work.

Open new doors

Careers at Univo are synonymous with long-term growth and contentment. The firm not only gives you wings to fly but also a stable ground that is conducive to overall development. Univo’s dynamic team of changemakers represents nearly all states in India from all age groups. This cultural diversity and vibrancy can widen one’s horizon and offer new experiences. Univo is an organization that is scaling rapidly and its workforce is scaling alongside. With a team that is committed to this cause of expansion, Univo will inevitably boast of being the best workplace in edtech.

Website: https://univo.education


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