2023 Corruption Perceptions Index: Ranking the Most and Least Corrupt Countries

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2023 Corruption Perceptions Index: Ranking the Most and Least Corrupt Countries

2023 Corruption Perceptions Index Released

If we ask you to say which country is most and least corrupted then what will your answer be? Surely, the majority of the people will call their native countries the most corrupt ones but some will surely call their countries the least corrupt ones. It is an endless topic for debate and quite a controversial one. Without having any proof we can’t simply put such a huge allegation on someone whether it’s a person or a country. Hence, to put an end to this debate we are presenting here the list which has given the rank to all the countries of this world based on the issue of corruption. 

On Tuesday, 30th Jan 2024, Transparency International shared the 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) which showcases a list of the most corrupt countries in the world. The countries that stand downward are the least corrupt nations. The list points out that most of the countries have made minimal to no progress in handling corruption in the public sector. As per CPI issued by Transparency International, the global average of CPI remained motionless at 43 for the twelfth year consequently with more than two-thirds of nations positioned below the 50th rank. 

The 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) issued by Transparency International shows that most countries have made minimal and no progress in tackling public sector corruption, stated the report. As the report shows, over two-thirds of countries or territories out of 180 scored below 5o which points out the steady speed of the countries that are working on handling the issue of corruption. The evaluation report of CPI ranked the nations based on their perceived levels of public sector corruption from 0 (means highly corrupted) to 100 (means least corrupted). 

World’s Most Corrupt Countries

Instead of starting with the least corrupt countries, let’s begin with the most corrupt countries or territories in the world. The bottom rank has been held by 11 countries including Somalia which is standing in the 11th position. The rest of the most corrupt countries are: 


  • Somalia- 11 Score
  • Venezuela- 13 Score
  • Syria- 13 Score
  • South Sudan- 13 Score
  • Yemen- 16 Score
  • North Korea- 17 Score
  • Equatorial Guinea- 17 Score
  • Nicaragua- 17 Score
  • Haiti- 17 Score
  • Libya- 18 Score
  • Turkmenistan- 18 Score

The report states that “They are all affected by protected crises, mostly armed conflicts.” The Index shows corruption in North Korea as well with a score of 172. 

World’s Least Corrupt Countries

After watching the list of most corrupt countries, it is time to see which countries are tackling the public sector corruption issue. Over the past 6 years, Denmark has held the first position in the list. This time as well, Denmark holds the first position on the index with the help of a brilliant score of 90. All the credit goes to the “well-functioning justice systems who are actively working in Denmark. The rest of the least corrupt countries are:- 


  • Denmark- 90 score
  • Finland- 87 score
  • New Zealand- 85 score
  • Norway- 84 score
  • Singapore- 83
  • Sweden- 82 score
  • Switzerland- 82 score
  • the Netherlands- 79 score
  • Germany- 78 score
  • Luxembourg- 78 score

What is the position of India on 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)?

Most people are keen to know the score of India on CPI as well as its rank. As per CPI, India is holding the 93rd rank with the score of 39. Over the last  few years, India’s situation in tackling public sector corruption remains motionless.

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