Apple Chooses OpenAI and Alphabet Over Meta for AI Partnerships- Says Report

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Apple Chooses OpenAI and Alphabet Over Meta for AI Partnership

Apple Chooses OpenAI and Alphabet Over Meta for AI Partnership

Signing new deals and joining hands with new ventures often happens between companies. Most companies join their hands to expand their business and capture hold on the market. One such partnership was about to take place between the world’s second-most-valued company and Meta Platforms Inc. but looks like Apple Inc. has other plans in mind. Due to that reason, the iPhone maker company has rejected offers from Meta to integrate the latter’s Llama chatbot in mobile devices as part of an artificial intelligence (AI) partnership. Bloomberg has cited this report and mentioned that instead of Meta, the company joined hands with OpenAI, Alphabet. 

The earlier report stated Apple and Meta had “brief talks” in terms of integrating Llama AI Chatbot into the iPhone. This report was shared in March since then it was expected that the iPhone would have Llama AI Chatbot but looks like the meeting was not able to reach the formal stage and Apple had dropped the idea of joining hands with Meta. As of now, Apple has “no active plans” regarding the same. Meanwhile, Apple was also in talks with OpenAI and Alphabet for their AI products- i.s. ChatGPT and Gemini respectively. The deal on ChatGPT was announced at the start of June whereas the deal with Gemini is expected in future. 

The official words in terms of rejecting the offer have not been made by both companies. Neither Metal nor Apple made any response to queries. According to the reports, Apple’s negotiations with Meta came to a standstill because it didn’t think Meta’s privacy policies were “tough enough.” Additionally, it notes that Apple has publicly criticised Llama and that adding it to the iPhone would have been a betrayal. According to the report, Gemini’s partnership with Apple would not be too shocking, looking at ChatGPT is considered a “superior offering” and Apple already has ties to Google for its Safari web browser.

Apple is also positive about the results from its AI start-up Anthropic, with sources saying a chatbot could eventually be available. It is worth noting that the agreement with OpenAI enables ChatGPT subscribers who have paid to access their subscriptions from within the iOS platform. OpenAI may benefit financially from this, while Apple will keep its portion of the App Store commissions. 

Recently, Apple disclosed a suite of AI features in the Worldwide Developer Conference 2024 event which turned the heads of customers as well as their competitors.  The event was held in California on 10 June 2024. Apple termed the suite of AI features as “Apple Intelligence”. This newly launched feature will be available to use in iPhone 15 Pro and other upcoming models. In the meantime, iPad users with M1 and later chipsets will be able to harness the power of Apple Intelligence to get several new AI features. Thanks to Apple Intelligence, Siri will have on-screen awareness, which will allow it to recognise what is displayed on a user’s screen and respond to commands within a specific app.

Users will be able to ask Siri to perform a calculation or record a note, for example, and then use that command to locate a certain photo. According to Apple, Siri’s action-taking capabilities are not exclusive to Apple apps; they may also be utilized with third-party apps.

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