Apple’s Employee Count in India to Surge, Production to Rise

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Apple’s Employee Count in India to Surge, Production to Rise

As per a report issued by PTI, some government sources have revealed that Apple is gearing up to increase its employee workforce to over 5 lakh employees over the next three years in India. This would also scale up its production capacity. At present, Apple employs over 1.5 lakh employees in India, which implies that its production will increase by at least 3% in the upcoming times. Apple’s employees are currently working in two of its plants which are operated by Tata Electronics and it opened two physical stores in Delhi, earlier in the last year; namely Apple Saket and Apple BKC.

As per a senior government official’s statement, “Apple is accelerating hiring in India. At a conservative estimate, it is going to employ five lakh people in the next three years through its vendors and components suppliers.” It is also said that Apple company has led the maximum sales with the highest revenue in 2023, that too for the first time, as per Counterpoint Research. On the other hand, Samsung was leading in terms of volume sales. In the next 4-5 years, the iPhone giant is also planning to raise its production in India by five times, rounding up to $40 billion (about 3.2 lakh crore).

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Apple has achieved a record $10 million in shipments and topped the revenue charts for the first time in a calendar year. Besides, as compared to the fiscal year 2022-2023’s export sales of $6.27 billion, the company witnessed a huge surge to $12.1 billion in the fiscal year of 2023-2024. This is estimated as a 100 percent increase, as per the report of The Trade Vision which is a trade intelligence service.

Apple Corporation inaugurated its new office in Bengaluru last year with around 1200 employees under its operations. The company’s offices are also located in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. Apple is currently working on its AI project. As per Bloomberg’s report, this project is a step towards major high-stakes projects such as augmented reality glasses and personal robots. This new addition is expected to enhance the functions of Apple products, followed by a more privacy-centric approach.

About Apple

In the world of electronic gadgets and technology, Apple is a leading known name with its consumers spread in every corner of the world. Apple is best known for its widely produced iPhones and their successive additions, alongside the popularly used Macbook, which is Apple’s flagship laptop system. Apple is an American multinational corporation and technology company which is based in California’s Silicon Valley. Due to its usage of advanced features and technology, Apple has earned a positive reputation in its customer base. 

With its production units spanning across India as well, the company has seen a substantial increase in employment as well as production opportunities. In India, the Tata Group of Companies retains 65% ownership in a joint venture that operates the Pegatron facility near Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

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