Bengaluru Reddit User’s Date Scam: AI at Play

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If you are looking for a companion on dating apps then this news is for you. Over the past few years, the trend of using dating apps has increased which has given birth to crime as scammers and criminals are using these platforms to commit crimes. In the latest development, people are using Artificial Technologies (AI) to impress girls and lure them for dates. One such incident has come forward after a Reddit user shared her experience on social media and pulled attention towards the new “scam”.  

The Reddit user resides in Bengaluru and recently went on a date where she got “scammed” by the use of Artificial Intelligence on dating apps. Her experience and story became a subject of discussion and people are worried about the use of dating Apps. According to a Reddit user, she had created her account on a dating app by the handle “hustlers” in the hope of finding a soulmate but she never expected that she would get scammed in this way. She described that she went on a date but soon she felt cheated. She further added how she got “AI’d” on her date. 

What Happened On Her Date?

As per a Reddit user, She matched with a user and decided to go on a date. She was thrilled with the idea of a date and excited about it. She believed that finally, she got her soulmate who matched her expectations. After engaging in lively chats filled with witty humor and love, she decided to meet him. On their date, she keenly anticipated having a similar kind of conversation with the person with whom she had chatted earlier before the actual meeting. However, her dreams were shattered after she found that he was a completely different person as he showed himself online. 

As per the user, the sentences of the person were clumsy, not from shyness but from overwhelming confidence lacking the charm with whom she had admired before. His real personality and online personality were completely different. His real self was so striking that it left her confused and taken aback. During her date, she discussed the active startup and how AI is playing a crucial role in it. He got involved in AI discussions and started talking about AI tools which he used while chatting with her. He bragged about his expertise in using AI tools which made her more upset. He got so involved in the discussion that he mistakenly mentioned the use of AI to enhance his texts and conversations while chatting with her. 

It took no time to realize how this online persona was different and how he used AI to enhance his texts to impress her. She realised that AI improved his clever and impressive texts compared to his actual conversation. With this realization, she got upset that the real personality of the person was pretty boring in stark contrast to his online chats. Her bizarre experience of dating made her think that the majority of people on dating apps or other social media platforms are doing the same. 

Reactions of Netizens 

After hearing her story, netizens shared their reactions. One Reddit user wrote, “AI tool got a whole new meaning”. Some asked her to share the screenshot of her conversation so that they get to know how good AI was and how they could differentiate the real and online persona of the person. 

One user wrote, “You guys are getting dates in Bangalore?” 

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