Reliance Jio Collaborates with IIT-Bombay for “Bharat GPT” Program

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Reliance Jio Collaborates with IIT-Bombay for Bharat GPT Program

The prestigious Indian telecommunication company has shared a piece of exciting news. According to the reports, Reliance Jio Infocomm is collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay and they are working on an exciting project. The announcement of this project has been shared by the chairman of the largest telecom service provider who disclosed that the team of Jio is working on “Bharat GPT ” program  in collaboration with IIT-Bombay. This project is intended to give competition to ChatGPT. Now, ever since people have heard this news, they are keen to know more about it and how it is different from ChatGPT. 

Jio Working on The Launch of Bharat GPT with IIT- Bombay

Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm, Akash Ambani shared this exciting news during a recent address at the annual Techfest of IIT-Bombay. During the event, Ambani highlighted the importance of making a robust development ecosystem and commitment of the company to realizing the vision of “Jio 2.0”. “Bharat GPT ” is a large-language model especially designed keeping the needs of India in mind. He states during the address, “We have been working on a project with IIT Bombay to launch the Bharat GPT programme.” 

The chairman further added that Jio is also “comprehensively thinking” to introduce an operating system (OS) for televisions. He also talked about the partnership of Jio with IIT-Bombay which they established in 2014. The aims of Bharat GPT program to harness generative AI. This initiative of Jio aligns with the broader strategy of Jio to explore the cathartic potential of AI across numerous industries. He states that currently this generation have just dig the surface with big and larger language models and generative AI and the upcoming 10 years will be defined by this advance applications. 

He said that “We are working very hard to launch AI not only as a vertical inside our organization, but also horizontally across all our sectors.”  He said that artificial intelligence is going to take everything, to me, AI also stands for all, not only as Artificial Intelligence.” As we mentioned above, During the event, the Chairman of Jio has also disclosed his planning to bring revolutionary change in television technology. He states that the team of Jio is already working on making its own OS for televisions which will extend its product offering beyond telecommunications. He emphasized the comprehensive approach to introducing this TV OS, underscoring the commitment of Jio to diversifying its presence in commerce, devices, media, and communication. 

The chairman of Jio states that the upcoming year is quite important and special for the family as the company will offer 5G private networks and they are also having the marriage of their brother in 2024 which means the year 2024 will bring happiness in personal and professional. He also defined India as the “biggest innovation center” for the next 10 years. He also shows his confidence in India that the nation will increase its GDP by the end of the decade; it will be a USD 6 trillion economy. It is worth knowing that we are already standing in 5th position in the world’s largest economy and soon to surpass Germany and Japan. 

He also motivated young entrepreneurs to not be afraid from failure as failure is the best teacher and they can take the example of Jio who is positioning as the largest startup across the world. Let’s see what new projects will be in the line in the upcoming year. Till them, be connected with us and we will be shortly back with more information.

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