Boosting Bilateral Relations: China and France’s Commitment to Security and Prosperity

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Boosting Bilateral Relations: China and France's Commitment to Security and Prosperity

China and France Bilateral Relations

The visit of the French President to India has strengthened the relations of both countries. Many deals inked and necessary announcements have been made that will be beneficial for both countries. After the visit of President Emmanuel Macron to India, China has offered to strengthen the relationship with France. According to multiple reports, The President of China, Xi Jinping has declared to boost the ties of both nations. He said, “China and France should work together to create a way of security, peace, prosperity, and progress for human development.” This announcement was made during the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between both countries. 

The President of China also proposed to “break new ground” to encourage bilateral ties between China and France. Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister of China states also offered to strengthen the trade relation of both countries by increasing the imports from France to China. The step up in imports will surely help to boost the economic growth in France. As per the released statement, the Chinese Foreign Minister said “We will continue to unleash consumer and investment market demand and continue to expand the import of high-quality products and services from France.” 

However, the Foreign Minister of China emphasized the need to set up a business environment from both sides. He believed that France also needed to provide companies of China with a fair, just, and predictable environment to run a smooth trade & commerce. The existing China-France diplomatic ties have endured many challenges and have benefited both nations and the world as a whole. The bilateral diplomatic relationship of China-France has successfully given shape to the “China-France spirit” featuring foresight, independence, mutual benefit and understanding and win-win cooperation. 

This term was stated by the President of China during a video speech on the occasion of the 60th anniversary on Thursday, 25th January 2024. The international relationship of both countries has provided mutual benefits over the last 6 decades and now both countries, particularly China, are focusing on strengthening these diplomatic ties. The world’s second most powerful country prioritizes diplomatic ties as the President of France is pushing Europe to become a third bloc, a balancing force between the United States and China. 

Deputy of the French National Assembly, Eric Alauzet stated in a recent interview with a media outlet on the marking of the 60th Anniversary of the China-France “The anniversary will strengthen our bonds in our shared history”. It is worth noting that, last week, French President Emmanuel Macron attended the 75th Republic Day of India as a chief guest of the national event. During the high-profile visit of Macron to India, both nations disclosed an aspiring defense roadmap besides escalating cooperation in the strategic Indo-Pacific and Indian Ocean region.  

Boosting Cooperation: India-France Deals in Science, Technology, and Aviation

It is worth noting that the two-day state visit to India inked many deals in the favour of both countries. These deals include numerous sectors such as space exploration, defence, science & technology, health, civil aviation, urban development and public administration. Moreover, India-France has also made announcements of cooperation in other areas as well that includes visa issues, renewable energy, UPI and so on. As per the Ministry of External Affairs, in the context of the defence space partnership, India has inked a letter of intent with France.

The documents finished an agreement between Airbus and TATA Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) to create an assembly line for H125 helicopters in the nation. MoU between Arianespace SAS, Frace (in space) and NewSpace India Limited (NSIL). Furthermore, many announcements have been made after the discussions between both the nations including the declaration of 2026 as “India-France Year of Innovation.”

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