Blast Incident at Kerala Convention Centre: 3 Dead, 36 Injured

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A heinous incident has been reported from the Southern part of India which has shaken the entire nation. It became a pattern to receive the blasting news near the Diwali occasion. Usually, the incident happened 2-3 days before the Hindu festival but this time, it came too early to hear. This news has been pulling attention from all around the world and everyone is keen to know in which state this blast occurred and how many people lost their lives. According to the reports, on Sunday, 29th October 2023, a blast incident happened at a convention center in Kerala. 


The earlier reports claimed the loss of 1 human life but the latest reports have mentioned the death of 3 people including a 12-year-old girl. The deceased teen was admitted to the hospital after getting severely injured in the blast. The death toll claims the lives of 3 people whereas more than 35 people are brutally injured in this blast. During a press conference, Kerala police stated that multiple blasts had occurred at the convention center on Sunday morning. DGP Shaik Saheb states that as per the preliminary investigation, the blast happened because of an improvised explosive device (IED). The police are currently investigating and due to that not much information is out.


We are closely monitoring the situation and working to get more information on it. As of now, DGP Shaik Darvesh Saheb states “We are investigating it. The blast happened at around 09:40 AM in Zamrah International Convention Centre located in Kalamassery. According to our preliminary reports, one person has been found dead and 36 people are badly injured in the blast.”. However, a new controversy has appeared fore which claiming that it was not the one but two blasts has occurred in Kochi, Kerala. 


In addition to this, There were conflicting reports about the number of blasts as state Ministers Antony Raju and V N Vasavan stated that there were 2 blasts, while Hibi Eden, Congress MP from Ernakulam stated that there were multiple explosions as per one of his plans who were presented at the convention center. The ministers claimed, “Our friends have informed us that there were 2 blasts as per the initial findings.” As soon as the incident was reported, many netizens claimed this blast to terror attack. In response to this claim, the DGP states that he can’t make any statement regarding this matter. The police team are investigating the matter and as soon as we any new report came fore. 


The senior police official states “Only after the probe I can assure anything. We are investigating this matter from all angles. We will find out whose hands are behind this deadly explosion and we are ensuring that we will take strict action against perpetrators..” He also requested people to maintain peace and to stay calm. The DGP also requested people to not spread fake news as well as hate or provocative messages on social media. He warned netizens to be aware while sharing any news as if anyone is found to be sharing fake news strict action will be taken. The top official further added that as soon as he appeared at the crime scene, a Special Investigative Team (SIT) will be constituted. 


In the meantime, Raju and Vasu addressed the media and stated that numerous central agencies were present in the blast-affected area. As per the reports, around 2,300 people were present at the convention center. The blast incident happened at 09:38 AM on the final day of the convention. The ministers including K Rajan, the Revenue Minister state that individuals were praying with their eyes closed when the explosion happened. It is sad that people have become the prey of such things.

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