Celebrating Earth Day 2024: A Call To Protect Our Planet

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Celebrating Earth Day 2024: A Call to Protect Our Planet

World Earth Day 2024

Every year World Earth Day is commemorated on the 22nd of April as a way to raise awareness for Earth’s preservation and protection. This day is a reminder for mankind to take steps and do whatever it takes on their end to save Mother Earth. To date, many actions and campaigns have been taken to spread the word about securing a better planet to live in for generations to come. It also raises the need for building deeper and more cordial relationships with nature. 

As the world celebrates Earth Day today 22 April 2024, here’s a look at the theme of World Earth Day 2024. This year, the concern revolves around the theme “Planet vs Plastics.” The agenda behind this idea is to bring to attention the various hazards of plastic pollution. This non-biodegradable waste has been a matter of concern for the world economy for quite a long time, posing serious threats to Earth’s security. 


The history of World Earth Day traces back to 1970. The idea was coined by two individuals, namely Gaylord Nelson, a US senator, and Denis Hayes, a Harvard student. Deeply disturbed by the severe environmental impacts of the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara in January 1969, Nelson wanted to engage students to drive their attention to the concern and urge them to take action for the rising air and water pollution. He later appointed Denis Hayes who was a young activist at the time to look after the management tech-ins and to spread the idea of environmental conservation to a larger public. Hence, April 22 was selected as a weekday between Spring Break and Final Exams, to escalate student participation. The campaign turned out to be a massive success with a participation of 20 million people across the US.

To bring Earth Day 2024’s agenda into practice, EARTHDAY.ORG has pledged to put a stop to plastic for environmental health and has demanded a 60 percent reduction in the production of plastics by the year 2040. Earth Day is a chance to come together and promise to save the planet from all dangers. It is a day to make a change for Earth’s well-being, safely and sustainably. As World Earth Day 2024 revolves around the theme of protecting the planet from plastics and eradicating it from the universe, let’s have a look at the various steps that one can take to minimize plastic pollution.

How to Reduce Plastic Pollution?

  1. The first and foremost way to curb the negative impacts of plastic pollution is to recycle. This leads to excessive plastics not piling up in the dustbins. 
  2. Single-use plastics should not be used in daily activities as they tend to be the most harmful kind of plastics. Some common examples of single-use plastics are coffee cups, straws, sanitary products, cigarettes, etc.
  3. If you are a business owner, no matter how big or small, prefer using packaging options of paper or cardboard rather than plastic. This way, you can promote a healthier environment to live in.
  4. Do not litter plastic bags and other waste on the streets. Animals living on the road end up consuming such plastic waste, leading to severe deaths and imbalances in the ecosystem.

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