CEO Amused by Innovative Internship Application: Pizza and Personal Note

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Having a good job, and a huge salary figure is a dream of every individual. However, in this era where finding a good job is a tough task, especially in a great firm. Despite having great skills and talent several are lacking in getting a great job and this is the reason that contributes to increasing unemployment. However, some people are innovating new ways to lure the attention of companies. One such innovative approach of a candidate has grabbed the eyeballs of the CEO of the firm who seems pretty amused with the creativity.

 The CEO of a company has shared a post on social media where he can be seen praising the job application hails from New York for the innovative internship application. The post was made on Wednesday, 1 May 2024 by Matthew Parkhurst, CEO of Antimetal. He shared a picture with his post on X while sharing a story of a job applicant identified as David. The extra effort and unique approach of this job seeker instantly attracted the attention of the CEO of Antimetal. As per Parkhurst, unlike most of the candidates, David has applied for an internship in a different way rather than just mailing his application. 

He came to the office and submitted his resume along with a handwritten note and a box of pizza. He even expressed his desire to be a part of the firm and to join as an engineering intern. He amusingly admitted that he had offered a pizza as a bribe to persuade the hiring team to spare their time and look at his job application and portfolio. He even handed over a hand-written note in which he said, “Hey Antimetal team, congrats on the recent launch. Inspired by Antimetal’s brief stint as slices as a service company, please enjoy this pizza. I’ve also brought a copy of my resume as an application for the engineering intern position.”

The note further added, “I’m super excited by the opportunity and driven to do what it takes. PS: This is basically a bribe for you to go to my site. P.P.S. I’ve made a small PR to fix some links in your docs.” 

The CEO of Antimetal was quite impressed with David’s unique approach and lauded him for making his job application stand out and different from other applicants. Parkhurst also said that David is “100% getting an interview”. 

Parkhurst shared the post along with the image of Pizza, David’s resume and a note that reads, “Another internship application- came to our office and dropped off a pizza with his resume Even pushed a PR to fix 2 links in our docs prior. 100% getting an interview.”

Netizens Reaction Over The Post

An unconventional approach of David has not only impressed the CEO but also received praise from netizens. They are impressed with the unique approach of David for hunting a job interview and many state that he deserves a job. The post has accumulated more than 440 views in just one day. One X user wrote, “Nah this is not an interview this is an automatic job offer.” In this reply, Parkhurst said, “There’s more to filter on than just effort.” 

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