CEO’s Viral Reaction to Woman’s Rs. 45 LPA Salary Request After 4 Years of Experience

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CEO's Viral Reaction to Woman's 45 LPA Request After 4 Years of Experience

CEO Response Goes Viral Over Woman’s Demand Of Rs. 45 LPA Salary

Imagine you requested an appraisal for your hard work and experience but all of a sudden your subject became a joke on social media. What will be the feeling we can’t imagine, maybe many will find it funny but some will surely feel anxious about it. The request is surely unusual and hilarious too but it is a matter of concern for the person who requests it. No doubt, people look for appraisal or a hike and for that, they usually change their jobs in search of the desired salary. Job changes come with higher salary offers in comparison to annual increments.

A candidate expects a 20 to 30 per cent hike in their existing salary while moving to a new firm. The company offers the hike or salary after judging numerous factors including experience, industry, location and any particular roles and responsibilities are included. After judging all the factors, the company offers the salary that they feel is suitable for the candidate and sometimes the amount can go up or down depending on the interview. But still, a company can’t offer you a fatty amount despite filling out all the checklists needed in a suitable candidate and you can get rejected for it. 

Something similar happened in Vanshiv Technologies where a candidate was rejected due to her higher expectations. This rejection has been shared on social media and it went viral. People are re-sharing it and making witty comments on it. 

What Is The Matter?

Gaurav Kheterpal, the founder and CEO of Vanshiv Technologies has recently shared a post on X (formerly Twitter) where he unveiled that he had to let go of a suitable candidate just because of her higher salary expectations. In the tweet, the CEO of Vanshiv Technologies talked about a girl who has 4 years of experience and is currently getting Rs 28 LPA. She has demanded more than a 15 lakh hike in her existing package. According to Mr. Kheterpal, the girl wants Rs 45 lakh per annum which is pretty high in his eyes. He shared his thoughts on X which has now become a subject of joke. 

The Tweet of Mr Kheterpal reads, “That moment when you come across a really good candidate. You ask HR to screen & they report the numbers- 4yrs Exp- Current CTC: 28 Lacs- Expected CTC: 45 Lacs. Read it again- this is 4 Years of Experience. All you can do- pass it off with a bit of humour.” 

He also attached a screenshot in his tweet which reads, “We will have to apply for the loan to hire her- let’s skip.” 

The tweet has more than 1.9K and 271 replies in which people are sharing their responses. The tweet went viral on other social media platforms as well. Social media is divided into two sections, one is in favor of the girl and the other one is opposing this demand. Some believe that a company should give such a hike to deserving candidates but most of them believe that the amount is pretty high with 4 years of experience. 

“IMHO, experience can not be the only deciding criteria for one’s salary. If you think the person can deliver what’s expected of him/her and you have the budget for it, it’s worth giving a shot. Really good talent is hard to find,” one user commented on the post.

In this response, Mr Khetarpal said, “Good point, but that logic works well for product companies with a fat purse and investor funding, not so much for small bootstrapped consulting and services companies like ours.”

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