Conspicuous – 3,500 Tonnes of Gold Found In U.P, Sonbhadra

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Conspicuous - 3,500 Tonnes of Gold Found In U.P, Sonbhadra

Conspicuous – 3,500 Tonnes of Gold Found In U.P, Sonbhadra

Written by: Unnati Katiyar

The U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) Directorate of Geology and the Mining and GSI (Geological Survey of India) have uncovered 2 goldmines in the Sonbhadra district. This exploration of gold has consumed about 20 years of meticulous study and research.

The 2 regions where the gold ore has been discovered are Son Pahadi and Hardi Village in the state of U.P. Both these regions hold around 3,500 tons of gold together. This gold ore deposits collectively could be quintuple that of present reserves of India.

The gold deposit at the Son Pahadi has been assessed nearly 2,943.25 tonnes. In the Hardi field, the gold deposit is around 646.15 tonnes. The existing gold reserves of India are approximately 626 tonnes. The value of the gold ore discovered at both these regions could be almost Rs 12 lakh crore.

Mr. K.K. Rai, the District Mining Officer stated that the government is planning to lease these gold deposits for mining purposes. For this, the survey is being conducted.

A team of seven members was given the charge for geo-tagging and mapping of these gold reserve regions in the Sonbhadra. This team visited these sites on February 20 as mentioned by the authorities.

The officials asserted that the excavations that are rich in minerals in the Sonbhadra district are easy to be discovered as their geographical position is identifiable. These excavations are situated on small hills. The authorities do consider that the auction process will be initiated by the government after the reimbursement payout and required agreements are established.

The officials are also trying their efforts to discover rare minerals in those regions. There is the possibility of the presence of uranium in that area aside from gold. The unearthing of the 2 excavations will considerably enhance the revenue of the state. This will assist by creating opportunities for jobs for the skilled and unskilled workforce and also the expansion and growth of those backward districts.


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