Coronavirus Live Updates: Inter-state movement of people and goods cannot be restrained, Ajay Bhalla- the Home Secretary writes to States

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Currently, India is witnessing 69,878 cases and 945 deaths in the last 24 hours; the total number of coronavirus infections in the nation upsurged to 29,75,702 and the death toll reached 55,794 on Saturday.

Written by: Rashi Saral

Ajay Bhalla, the Home Secretary, wrote to all the state governments recapitulating that inter-state movement of people and goods cannot be curbed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as it is creating a multitude of problems. The Union Home Ministry has sent various reminders to the states in the recent past.

With India reporting 69,878 cases and 945 deaths in the last 24 hrs, the total number of coronavirus infections increased to 29, 75, 702 and the death toll reached 55,794. Presently, India contains 6,97,330 active cases. However, fortunately,  22,22,578 people have been treated and discharged. As per the Union Health Ministry, the recovery rate has risen 74.69 percent and the case fatality rate has lowered to 1.87 percent. Moreover, a total of 3,44,91,073 samples have been tested up to August 21 with 10,23,836 samples being tested on Friday, the highest number recorded so far.

Across the globe,  22,949,234 people have been caught with the infection of this deadly virus so far, including over 7.9 lakh who lost their lives. Reportedly, the United States of America is the worst affected nation followed by Brazil and India. China from where the spread of COVID-19 started announced that people living in Beijing are not required to cover their nose and mouth with masks outdoors, a second such announcement since May when it came back after a recurrence of coronavirus cases in the city. Amidst this, the head of the World Health Organization said he hopes the world can end the coronavirus pandemic in less than two years.

With the daily growth rate continue to slow down, the doubling time of novel Coronavirus cases has now minimized to 30 days. Because of the varied growth rates, the doubling times in states vary proportionately. According to the study, Delhi has a doubling time of 100 days, corresponding to the fact that its daily growth rate has been less than one percent for quite a long time. The greater number of cases are found in Punjab, Kerala, Odisha, and Jharkhand having doubling times less than 20 days right now.

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