Using Humor To Promote Traffic Rules: Delhi Police’s Oscar-inspired Helmet Campaign

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Delhi Police's Oscar-inspired Helmet Campaign

Delhi Police’s Oscar-Inspired Helmet Campaign

Despite making several efforts, the cases of road accidents are rapidly increasing. Several reports show that India has reached a record-high number of road accident fatalities in 2023. It is not like the traffic police are not making efforts, they are already running several campaigns to address the matter. In the latest edition to this serious matter, Delhi Police made a hilarious post that is currently trending on social media. It is worth noting that the Delhi police usually share creative photos and videos with witty captions to make people aware of road safety.

This time as well, the Delhi Police used a trending topic to make people aware of the need for traffic police and why it is important to follow. Delhi Police took their social media account and shared a comic Oscar-related post to spread awareness regarding the need for helmets while riding two-wheeler vehicles. However, the post is a bit sarcastic as Delhi Police said that people who avoid wearing helmets while riding a two-wheeler deserve to get an Oscar. 

What Is The Post Of Delhi Police 

Delhi Police took their Instagram account to share a creative post to mock people who avoid wearing helmets. The post was made along with the Oscar statuette which reads, “Oscar for Best Story goes to… ‘Bas yahin tak jaana tha, isliye helmet nahi lagaya..'”  Apart from that, the caption of this post is also hilarious as it reads, “Helmet nahi lagane ke liye aap ne kya story banayi.? Tell us in the comments.” 

Netizens have also made hilarious comments on this post. One wrote, “Delhi police x memers police ”. Another said, “Who is managing the account of Delhi Police?” One more comment reads, “And the best dialogue is “lijiye sir, baaat phone ar lijiye.”  4th netizen commented on the post, “Delhi Police’s sense of humour is awesome.” 

The post was shared on Tuesday, 12th March 2024 and it has accumulated more than 4K likes and 600 comments. People are sharing this post with their friends and mentioning that they are impressed with the creativity of the Delhi Police. This is not the first time that police shared such witty posts on their social media account. They are popular for sharing the blending of viral trends with serious road safety talks. Apart from that, Delhi Police is also known for running creative campaigns to raise awareness of the same issue.

Last year, the Delhi Police took inspiration from the remarkable victory of Neeraj Chopra in the men’s javelin event at the World Athletics Championships. In their unique initiative in the wake of promoting road safety and adherence to traffic regulations, the Delhi Police shared another creative post on X (formerly Twitter). The purpose of sharing this post was to encourage the public to follow the example of Chopra. The post reads, “Be like Neeraj Chopra. Win hearts, not challans.” 

In addition to this post, the Delhi Police highlights the issue and states “To drivers and riders, you are not Neeraj’s javelin, and crossing the white lines will not get you points or medals.”

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