Deloitte’s Phygital Innovation Centre: Redefining Business Solutions

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Deloitte's Phygital Innovation Centre: Redefining Business Solutions

Deloitte’s Phygital Innovation Centre: Redefining Business Solutions

The unique and comprehensive approach of Deloitte will help new businessmen easily set up their businesses and grow them in new and sustainable ways. As per the exclusive report, the largest professional services network has recently launched a first-of-its-kind centre called “Phygital”.in Bengaluru. The word Phygital is composed of two words phy comes from physical and gital comes from digital. This innovation centre is open with a vision to offer domain-specific solutions to new and old businessmen who are facing problems while running their ventures. This centre will aid businesses to learn about the ways which will help to reduce costs along with the method of increasing efficiency. 

During a media interaction, Ashvin Vellody, Partner and Strategy, Innovation, and Assets Leader, Deloitte India said that the vision and mission of the Centre of Innovation and Technology (DCIT) behind launching this centre is to provide aid to customers who will learn new and sustainable ways to expand or grow their businesses, and generate a “culture of innovation”. 

Mr Vellody further added that DCIT is a tech-led project that will provide guidance to businesses across sectors to visualise the “art of the possible” and carry forward their business models through a physical experience. It will not only assist businesses but also provide end-to-end support to ventures through “advice-implement-operate”. 

As we mentioned above, the establishment of this centre is in Bengaluru and it spans across 12,500 square feet. This centre has five zones: manufacturing, immersive, retail, advanced connectivity, and digital studio. 

Mr Vellody states “Our centre aims to assist businesses across industries in reimagining their customer interfaces and experiences, supply chains, and product development by creating diverse prototypes. The new phygital experience and innovation centre showcase how cutting-edge technology, connected through 5G and the use of AI can bridge visionary ideas with the delivery of high-quality products and services.: 

He also talks about the need for “co-creation” while adding that Deloitte’s vision is to bring the whole ecosystem together for this endeavour. He said, “We don’t want to do this alone, it is a co-creation journey. Not just clients, but all our ecosystem and alliance partners will be part of this journey.” He includes that DCIT has more than 60 use cases across diverse sectors including healthcare, retail, manufacturing and so on. 

Mr Vellody also mentioned the use cases will be refreshed every 3 months. DCIT uses immersive reality, augmented reality and mixed reality to provide active and real-time experiences to clients in order to meet their expectations stated by Vellody. He said that the secret to creative business concepts is understanding the desired outcomes. According to him, before deployment, DCIT would test scenarios to ensure correct understanding, articulation and relevance to the business and sector.

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Besides this, DCIT is also bringing academia into this to provide stimulus to innovation. He said that DCIT is in touch with IIT Delhi and IIT Madras to connect this vision with academia. 

Businesses can actively interact with Deloitte’s DCIT to rethink customer experiences, investigate novel solutions, and make use of state-of-the-art technology for efficiency and expansion. Not only established businesses, DCIT will also be eligible to help new startups by providing the tools, ecosystem and expertise to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

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