Delusional Love Disorder: A Rare Condition That Believes Everyone is in Love

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Delusional Love Disorder: A Rare Condition That Believes Everyone is in Love

Love is a beautiful yet powerful emotion that builds bonds and motivates positivity. We all need love, as “it is the force that motivates us to overcome the difficulties of group living to cooperate at a level unmatched by any other species.” It has a significant impact on our physical and mental health. But imagine if a person thinks everyone loves him and gets easily attracted to him. What will be your reaction? Many people have such beliefs about themselves, and it’s a good thing, but living in such a delusion can be harmful.

It recently came to light that people who believe that everyone is in love with them have a kind of disorder. Unbelievable right? But it’s true. One such 20-year-old man has been diagnosed with a delusional love disorder, and this news is going viral on social media. Initially, it looked like a prank, but soon it turned out to be true when the official report regarding this boy and the disorder came into the news. The 20-year-old boy, identified as Liu, is a student at a Chinese university. He was recently diagnosed with a disorder named “Delusional Love Disorder.” This disorder has become a “world trending story,” and people are getting to know what type of disorder it is.

Despite getting a negative response, Liu believed his female schoolmates were attracted to him.

As per the report in the South China Morning Post, Lu, a second-year college student, developed symptoms of the condition in February. The report states that he started believing that all his female schoolmates were attracted to him despite getting rejected every time he approached them. He constantly received negative responses from female schoolmates, yet he believed that they all liked him and made a perception that the women were “too shy to accept his love.”  The symptoms developed in February, and his condition deteriorated rapidly with time being, which started influencing his academic studies and his behaviour as well. 

What Were the Symptoms He Was Showing? 

Liu’s academic performance and behaviour were badly affected

He was always excited and displayed changes in his behaviour

This disorder made him to reckless spending

He began showing inappropriately bold displays of love

He spent most of the nights without sleeping 

After his condition began to worsen, he was admitted to the hospital and during the treatment, he was diagnosed with delusional love disorder. 

Lu Zhengyao, the doctor from Huai’an No. 3 People’s Hospital said that, during the treatment, Liu told him “All the girls in school like me”. The outlet further revealed that Liu told his doctor that “he’s the best-looking guy in the university.” Dr Lu also included that “Liu has brought much trouble to several of his schoolmates.” 

As per Dr Lu, the delusional love disorder is commonly witnessed between March and April. The weather change is responsible for this disorder as it causes “fluctuation of endocrine levels in the body.” The doctor said that Hyper and restless nights are the common symptoms found in people who are suffering from the disorder. Some people can also get s*x addiction. Dr Lu further included, “In more extreme cases, patients can become enraged and attack people.” It is advisable that if any person is showing such symptoms should immediately take medical help. 

What Is His Condition Now?

When the condition started to worsen, he decided to consult a doctor. Now, with the help of medical treatment, his condition is getting much better. Liu hails from Jiangsu province in eastern China and is currently studying at a Chinese University. He is currently taking drugs and psychotherapy sessions.

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