Discover Thailand: Visa-Free Travel for Indian Tourists

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What are the best ways to relax your mind? We are sure you all have numerous suggestions regarding this but one thing that will be common is spending your vacations is on a place where you can enjoy both mountains and beaches. We know that many of you already prepared a bucket list of where you want to spend your vacations. Well, we also have a suggestion for you if you are looking for a place to spend your holidays. Most people wish to spend their time abroad but it is not easy for everyone and the biggest problem that usually comes fore is getting Visa. Well, Thailand has made it easy for you to visit their country without the hustle of a Visa. Confusing right? 


Simply put, after Sri Lanka, Thailand announced visa-free entry to its Indian tourists. It is obvious to understand that this decision has been made in the context of promoting Thai tourism. Tourism plays a vital role in the GDP growth of a country and some countries are totally dependent on tourism hence most countries promote tourism and attract tourists towards their country. Thailand has always been an attraction spot among tourists and now this move of the Thai government will leave a significant impact on increasing Thai tourism among tourists, especially Indian tourists and this scheme will be implemented after 10th November 2023. 


As per the previous report of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports data of Thailand, approximately 2 million Indians visited Thailand in 2019 and this data makes the 3rd largest group of foreign nationals to visit. However, the lockdown during the global epidemic had a negative impact on Thai tourism and now the Thai government is ready to compensate for it with a new plan in which they are making Indians easily get entry into the heart of mainland Southeast Asia. That means Indians can visit the country with the hustle of a Visa approval. According to the reports, the Thailand government targets 2 million Indian tourists in 2023 and this is the reason that they made their country visa-free for Indian tourists. 


Apart from Indian tourists, this facility is also available for Taiwan tourists. As we mentioned above, the decision to make Thailand visa-free for Taiwan and India came in the context of drawing the attention of tourists due to the tourism season. This news has been officially shared by the Thai government. According to the statement shared by Chai Wacharonke, spokesperson of the Thai government, those tourists who are coming from Taiwan and India can enter Thailand for a month. He further shared that the Thai government hopes that this scheme will attract at least 1.4 million extra tourists which will help to generate an additional 55 billion baht (Thai currency). 


Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister of Thailand states to the media outlet that confirms the visa-free entry scheme, “We are providing visit-free entry to Taiwan and India because most people love to travel to Thailand. 


It is worth noting that India is the 4th largest tourism source market of India and in order to achieve the target, the Thai government has made visa-free entry to Indian tourists but this entry is only available from 10th November 2023 to 10th May 2024. The data shared by the Indian government reflects a steady increase in the number of Indians who are travelling abroad. Furthermore, Data from the Union Tourism Ministry discloses the top 10 travel destinations in 2022 with UAE leading at 28%, followed by the USA at 8%, Thailand at 4.4%, Saudi Arabia at 11.5%, Canada at 3.6%, Singapore at 4.7%, Qatar at 4.1%, and Qatar at 4.1%. 

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