The Lightest Bulletproof Jacket: A Breakthrough in Defense Technology

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The Lightest Bulletproof Jacket: A Breakthrough in Defense Technology

In a recent achievement of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the unit has successfully created the lightest bulletproof jacket for the army men of the country. This bulletproof jacket will protect soldiers against the highest potential threat 6, as per the statements of an official on Tuesday. The Ministry of Defense claimed that the new defense equipment is made with a new design approach and new processes have been used in making these jackets.

The bulletproof jacket was recently tested at TBRL, Chandigarh as per BIS 17051-2018, the report added. The Defense Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment of DRDO, Kanpur is to be credited for the creation of the lightest bulletproof jacket which has been made to fight against 7.62×54 R API (level 6 of BIS 17051) ammunition. The front HAP panel of the jacket is capable of fighting multiple hits (six shots) of 7.6×54 R API (sniper rounds) in both ICW (in conjunction with) and standalone design.

The HAP is made up of a monolithic ceramic plate with polymer backing which boosts the comfort of an individual during any operation. The official statement of MoD also said, “The areal density of ICW hard armor panel (HAP) and standalone HAP is less than 40 kg/m2 and 43 kg/m2 respectively.” Taking to its official X account (formerly known as Twitter), DRDO tweeted, “DMSRDE, Kanpur has successfully developed indigenous light weight Bullet Proof Jacket (BPJ) for protection against highest threat level 6 of BIS. This is the first of its kind in monolithic ceramic which can stop 6.7.62×54 API bullets.” 

  1. Bharat Bhushan Babu, Principal Spokesperson, Ministry of Defense said, “Breaking barriers in defense innovation! @DRDO_India’s DMSRDE unveils lightest Bullet Proof Jacket, setting new standards in protection and mobility against high-level threats.” The official statement also saw the Department of Defense R&D secretary and DRDO chairman congratulating DMSRDE on attaining success in the development of this jacket.

About Bulletproof Jackets

Bulletproof jackets have been long used in wars and battles as a defense for soldiers to fight back bullet shots. A bulletproof vest, also known as a ballistic or bullet-resistant vest, is a protective body armor designed to absorb impact and prevent torso penetration from firearm-fired projectiles and explosion fragmentation. The vest may be in a soft form, as many police officers, prison officers, security guards, and private citizens wear them to fight against stabbing attacks or light projectiles. These might also come in hard form, which are made using metallic or para-aramid components. Soldiers and police units may combine the hard armor either in conjunction with soft armor or only the hard one. This saves them against rifle ammunition or fragmentation.

About DRDO

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is the sole authority under the operations of the Department of Defense Research and Development in the Ministry of Defense of the Government of India. It is headquartered in Delhi and was established in 1958.

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