Enhancing User Safety: WhatsApp’s Latest Passkey Feature

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Enhancing User Safety: WhatsApp's Latest Passkey Feature

WhatsApp is again back with new features to ensure the safety of its users. It has always maintained its priorities to make this social media platform easy to use without compromising user safety. Over the last few months, the company has released numerous new features to enhance the safety of users and strengthen security including the introduction of passkey. We all want to keep our personal or professional conversations private and always look for options that ensure saving our private details without any compromise especially when it comes to friends or family. 

And, WhatsApp has rolled out such features to build the trust of the users and promote its usage and this is the reason every individual is using this app for professional and personal work. Whether to pass a message or to share the work, we all use this instant messaging app and that is why we want more security to ensure the privacy of our conversation and data. Now speaking about the latest passkeys feature, it is likely to facilitate security in conversations as the feature is meant to make it safer and easier to verify our accounts. Keep on reading to know more details of the latest feature rolled out in WhatsApp. 

What Is The New Feature Of WhatsApp?

The company has recently rolled out a passkey feature. However, it is presently available on iOS and Android users need to wait to use it. The company states that it will be available to use on Android phones after six months. At first, few beta testers got access to the feature, but according to a WA Beta Info report, passkeys are now available for users of iOS. The report states that the latest WhatsApp for iOS 24.9.78 update has been available on the App Store. 

As per the official changelog, the instant messaging app is now widely placing the passkey feature to all WhatsApp users. Moreover, the update also brings with it audio capability for screen sharing during video conversations, as previously reported, and an overhauled UI with new icons and graphics. 

The new feature offers numerous authentication options, including biometrics, PIN, or facial recognition on the passkey manager of Apple. This wide range of choices guarantees strong security against illegal access in addition to convenience. As a result, iOS users can access their WhatsApp accounts again without entering a password or using an SMS-based two-factor verification system. 

Users can utilize their device passcode or biometric authentication to access WhatsApp instead of the standard 6-digit code after setting up a passkey, which is then safely saved in the iCloud Keychain. Installing the most recent version of WhatsApp from the App Store will enable iOS users to utilise the passkey feature. Please be aware that these rollouts may require some time. Therefore, keep checking the App Store if you don’t see the opportunity to upgrade your WhatsApp. 

How To Enable Passkeys?

Those people who are looking to know how they can enable the passkey feature in their WhatsApp needs to follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to update your Whatsapp 
  2. After updating it through the App Store, the next step is to check if WhatsApp is permitted to toggle the feature and this is available to check in WhatsApp Settings. 
  3. The last and final thing is to click on Account and check for the Passkeys option.
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