“Indian Oil Corporation Unveils First Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus, Boosting Clean Energy Transition and Economic Growth”

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A new achievement has been unlocked by The Indian Oil Corporation on Monday, 25th of September 2023. According to the reports, IOC has introduced India’s “First Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus”. This transition of India towards clean energy will surely help to cut down the dependency on fossil fuels and also promote eco-friendly transportation facilities. This achievement is getting praised from all over the world and there is no doubt in saying that it will help the nation to raise the growth of the economy. This news has been widely covered by multiple news outlets. Keep on reading to know more. 


The special feature of this first green hydrogen-powered bus will emit only water. As mentioned above, the IOC is taking the lead in creating unparalleled instruments to halt the use of fossil fuels. The report states that the company is planning to produce around 75 kg of hydrogen by dividing water using electricity which it will get from renewable sources.  At present, 2 buses will use this green hydrogen to run and IOC will make a trial run in Delhi. If the trial is successful then IOC will introduce more buses that will run on this green hydrogen. These eco-friendly transportation alternatives are not only saving the dependency on fossil fuels but also cutting down the import of feedstock. 

This innovation is now attracting investment and opening business opportunities for the industry. There are many benefits of using green hydrogen, firstly it is 100% sustainable and secondly, it does not emit polluting gasses. It is also easy to store. The inauguration of these latest buses happened by the hands of Oil Minister, Hardeep  Singh Puri. During the flagging off, he stated that green hydrogen energy would be the transition fuel of India which would cut down the import of fossil fuels and also help to reduce pollution. According to the reports, at present The Research and Development Centre of IOC based in Faridabad is manufacturing green hydrogen for its test run. 

As per IOC, these first Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses can travel 350 kilometres on 4 cylinders and the capacity of each cylinder is to hold 30 Kg of hydrogen in it. In simple words, this bus will take just 100-15 minutes to get a refill. The purpose of introducing this bus is to reduce pollution and to find an alternative way to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. This move has taken towards greener and cleaner transportation. In addition to this, these buses only emit water vapors when the hydrogen burns. This process offers a more efficient and cleaner alternative to conventional fuels. 


Moreover, by the end of this year, IOC is planning to expand these buses which means more than 15 buses will be seen on the road of the national capital. All these buses will undergo operational trials and IOC is planning to run these buses on the routes of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana. There is no doubt in saying that these buses will soon cover other parts of the states as well if they pass the trials. The trial of 2 fuel cell buses was part of this program. To know more keep visiting this website and we will share more national and international news. 

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