Exciting Announcement at Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2024 : Flying Cars to Revolutionize Transportation in India

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Exciting Announcement At Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2024: Flying Cars to Revolutionize Transportation in India

Vibrant Gujrat Summit 2024 : Japan’s Suzuki and Skydrive to Develop Flying Cars in India Soon

We have just entered 2024 and already many projects are in the lineup. Seems like by the end of this year, we will move ahead in the list of developing countries. Several summits are going and the announcements of many exciting projects have been made. Out of such projects, one is pulling attention and people are getting excited about it. According to the reports, soon the nation will have “Flying Cars” in India. Unbelievable right, but these cars will be available to drive or we can say fly by 2027. The announcement of the project “Flying Cars” has been made at Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2024. 

This project aims to provide a low-cost flying taxi service in India. As per the announcement, the project “Flying Cars” will shape reality with the joint effort of Suzuki Motor and SkyDrive (A Japanese flying startup). Both companies will begin an air mobility service in the nation in the upcoming years. Ever since this news came to the surface, people have been fascinated with the idea and taking it as an expensive ride. But both ventures have cleared that the charging fares of these “Flying Cars” will be similar to that of a usual taxi ride in India. 

As we mentioned above, this announcement was made on Tuesday, 9th Jan during the opening ceremony of the summit. The announcement has been made by Tomohiro Fukuzawa, the CEO of SkyDrive. While addressing the local media, the CEO states “With the surge in cars, the severe congestion and the air pollution, Indian road conditions are increasingly moving towards their limit.” He states that this project will be a good fit for India and bring a revolutionary change in transportation. 

The Specifications and Features of the Flying Car

During the trade show, the CEO of SkyDrive stated that the company is now looking to bring a revolutionary change in the country by introducing Flying Cars. He states “We are attempting to have a beginning of flying cars- eVTOL service in India.” The flying car is around 11.5 m x 11.3 m x 3 m (37.7 ft x 37 ft x 10 ft), including the rotors. This car has the seating of 1 pilot and 2 passengers just like a chopper. That means only 3 people will be allowed to take the ride, one will drive and two passengers will enjoy the ride. This flying car will run on an electric battery and it is constructed with aluminum alloy, composite and so on. This car will fly at a maximum speed of 100km/hr and it will fly around 15 km. 

Possibility Of Setting Up A Plant In India

During the Gujarat Summit 2024, the CEO stated “This car will totally run on renewable energy…” He further added that at the moment it is tough to develop an airport in urban areas but this car can land on or take off on the roof of high buildings which means one can use these flying cars aka air taxis for daily traveling just like other Indian taxi rides. He further added that the company SkyDrive already set up a plant in collaboration with Suzuki in Japan. We display the optimism of opening new plants in other parts of countries once the market opens more. While answering the possibility of opening a plant in India, the CEO of SkyDrive states that in the future the company will surely try to set up a plant in India to get easy access to provide more products at reasonable prices. 

The charge of this advanced car is expected to be in the range of $1 to $2 per kilometer.


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