Former President Donald Trump Raises Funds with “God Bless the USA Bible”

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The former President of the USA has started selling “Bibles” to raise funds. The funds will also be used for the campaign alongside his legal bill payments. His unexpected move has garnered a lot of attention and people are tweeting about it. The purpose behind selling Bibles is to raise funds as Trump needs to pay legal bills that he made during his presidential period. He had not paid legal bills yet and because of that, he thought of paying the bills in this way. The 45th former President of the USA has recently become the presumptive nominee of the Republican party and has released a video on a social media platform (identified as Truth Social). In the shared video, he can be seen urging his supporters to purchase the “God Bless the USA Bible”. 

What Is “God Bless The USA Bible”?

It is first and foremost, the God Bless The USA Bible is the only Bible inspired by the most recognised patriotic anthem, God Bless The USA. In other words, this bible is inspired by a patriotic ballad by country singer Lee Greenwood. It is worth noting that Donald Trump takes the stage to the song at each of his rallies and has appeared with Greenwood at events. 

 What Is The Video Of Donald Trump Saying? 

As we mentioned above, Donald Trump urged his supporters to help him pay back the legal bills to the White House. He made a caption along with the video which he posted on Tuesday, March 26. The Caption reads, “Happy Holy Week! Let’s Make America Pray Again. As we lead into Good Friday and Easter, I encourage you to get a copy of the God Bless the USA Bible.” He also shared a link to a website where he wants his supporters to buy the book which he is selling for USD 59.99. 

Why Is Trump Selling “God Bless The USA”?

The attempt to raise funds is a response to Trump’s severe financial hardship amid growing legal expenses as he battled four criminal indictments and numerous civil lawsuits. The Republican nominee was given a reprieve on Monday, March 25 when a New York appeals court agreed to hold off on collecting the more than USD 454 million he owes after a civil fraud judgment if he puts up USD 175 million within ten days. 

Reactions Of Political Oppositions Towards The Sales Pitch Of Donald Trump

The Bible includes the U.S. Constitution, the amendments that consist of the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance and a “handwritten chorus” to “God Bless The USA”. However, the website Bible claims that the book “is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign. 

Besides, it is not clear how much Donald Trump was paid- or will be paid- for sales of the product. As expected, the unique sales pitch of the former president has instantly pulled the attention of political opponents who are backlashing him for this move. A senior spokesperson for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, Sarafina Chitika represents her views on the sales pitch of Trump. She said, “The last time the American people saw Donald Trump hold up a Bible it was for a photo op after he tear-gassed American citizens demonstrating against white supremacy.” 

Another tweet has been made by Lincoln Project (an anti-Trump organisation) that reads, “Unrepentant grifter Trump is so desperate for cash that he’s selling a ‘God Bless the USA’ Bible”. The tweet further added, “How much money do you think Trump gets off each sale?” 

The unexpected move also reminisce Trump’s critics of a chapter from his term in office. 

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