Unlocking Efficiency: Gemini’s AI Feature for Gmail on Android

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Unlocking Efficiency: Gemini’s AI Feature for Gmail on Android

Good news for all Android users. A new AI feature, powered by Gemini is all set to enhance Gmail’s experience. Users of Android will now be able to enjoy the “Summarize this email” aspect which would assist them in summarizing long contents of a mail and extract necessary information from them. The feature is already available in the online version of Gmail and is scheduled to be included in the Android version anytime soon. The online version is already used by members of Gemini for Workplace package. 

The main advantage of this feature will be that users will now be able to get important insights from the mail without having to surf through the entire content body. It is notable to note that this feature is presently designed for email threads containing more than two replies. The position of this new “Summarize this email” button is located just below the subject line, which further denotes its effectiveness and potential to all users. 

The development of the new AI feature is still in its early stages as the button does not direct any further action or response. Yet, it can be expected that this version may resemble much the one present on the web, which allows access to users to Gemini’s Workspace. This summarizer option is present in the form of an “Ask Gemini” button in that specific version.

This summarizing button for Android was created by PiunikaWeb in collaboration with AssembleDebug and the feature was found in the 2024.03.31.621006929 version of the app. Like the web version of the feature, the button will direct a window that will appear above the mail, providing to choose from whether the user wants a summary of the individual mail or the complete thread. A report by PiunkaWeb also suggests that users will be able to see a new toggle button. They would see a toggle between Google Search and Gemini AI. This would lead to the Gemini AI interface, allowing users to utilize the talk bot for content generation and perform tasks specific to the AI messenger. 

It is a crucial aspect to ensure that the summarizer provides a condensed version of the text. While the feature is still in its testing stages, it would be still advisable for users to refer to the original mail for verification to be extra cautious. Google has still not disclosed the exact date when the feature will be rolled on the Android and iOS versions.

Other updates on Gmail

Google never fails to surprise users with its updates and ease of accessibility across the platform. Gmail is one such Google’s built-in app which continues to change. Gmail has provided a new interface to compose mail, chat, and meet, all on the same platform. Earlier in December 2023, it also introduced a new feature called Gmail’s “Priority Inbox”, which, based on users’ reading and responding preferences, segregates important emails from others. In May 2023, a “Help Me Write” feature was rolled out in Gmail which helps senders in writing emails based on the subject line and email recipients. One can even choose the tone and length of the response while reverting to the sender. 

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