Giorgia Meloni Takes Legal Action Against Deepfake Crime, Seeks Heavy Compensation

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Meloni Takes Legal Action Against Deepfake Crime, Seeks Heavy Compensation

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Seeks Compensation over Deepfake Videos

The outrage of deepfakes has created a huge ruckus, which has further posed troubles to many people. Amongst such individuals is Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who has decided to stand up against this heinous digital crime. She decided to take legal action against the culprits who were responsible for misusing her images. The action will be taken under the growing concern of graphic deepfakes. Moreover, She asked for heavy compensation from culprits who wrongly used her pictures for deep fake content and posted them on an adult website.

It is worth noting that her images were wrongly used in some pornographic content that circulated online and heavily damaged her personal and professional life, now she has decided to take legal action against it and demanded a heavy sum of $108,488 for the damages that harmed her name and reputation. It is said that Meloni’s images were used on an American adult website in pornographic videos. Soon, fake deepfake videos went viral on other social media platforms. 

In the latest development of this case, two perpetrators are identified who are responsible for creating deepfake videos of the Italian Prime Minister. According to the reports, the perpetrators are identified as a 40-year-old and his 73-year-old father, who allegedly used the Italian PM’s photos in videos. The case is in court and Meloni will attend the first hearing on 2nd July 2024, at Sassari, Sardinia. She will testify against the offenders who are accused of creating and circulating fake pornographic videos. 

The report states that a 40-year-old whose name is not disclosed yet had created these fake and adult videos by digitally overlaying the face of Meloni and putting it on explicit content. His 73-year-old father is equally responsible for this heinous crime and the action will be taken on both. Charges of defamation have been filed on the father and son for misusing Meloni’s pictures on some other individual’s body, then sharing those videos over the internet on an Amercian adult website.

Meloni decided to take the bold step, not only for her respect but also to stand up for all those who have gone through such online abuses, as stated by the legal representative of Meloni, Maria Giulia Marongiu. Maria highlighted that the requested damages will represent a symbolic gesture focusing on empowering women and setting an example to all those who faced such a situation. Moreover, Both men are facing charges of defamation, a crime punishable in Italy by lock ranging from 6 months to 3 years.

The amount demanded by Meloni would be transferred to the Interior Ministry’s fund, dedicating those to women who have undergone male violence, further indicating her initiative to strengthen women’s dignity in society and directing the broader societal challenges. The probe into this case started in 2020, predating the assumption of office of Meloni in 2022. The law enforcement tracked down the suspects with the help of mobile phones that used to post illicit videos. 

The enduring presence of these deepfake videos online, viewed and shared by millions as per allegation, underscores the pervading menace posed by manipulated and fabricated media. The governing bodies all around the world recognised the dangers of deepfake technology, and saw it as a possible threat to national security.

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