Google Bard: Plans to Make AI Chatbot as Popular as Search and YouTube

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Which AI Chatbot is the most used by netizens? Well, it is tough to say as many people use Chatgpt and Google Bard. Both work in a similar way and they only have slight differences.  However, there is always competition between both AI Chatbots and they usually bring many changes to get ahead, and they need to share their plan. But this time, Google has shared their plan to make its AI Chatbot more popular and usable. According to the reports, the search engine giant disclosed plans to make Google Bard as popular as Google Search, and YouTube. Continue to read more. 


The report states that the vision of Google is to create a strong user base for its AI Chatbot and wants to hit 2 billion users. Only a handful of products have achieved this target so far. Bard is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that is built to aid users in brainstorming and getting information from the internet in a tailor-made way. The vision of the tech giant is to make AI easily useful and accessible to their daily users. The chatbot product lead Jack Krawczyk also shared their insights and vision at the time in an interview which was held at the Reuters NEXT conference in New York. At present, the estimated reach of Google AI Chatbot is around 1 billion users.


Simply stated, almost 1 out of 7-8 people in the entire world use this AI Chatbot. At present, Google Bard is functioning in 3 languages, Japanese, English, and Korean. Apart from that, the web traffic of Bard rose by 2% in the month of October to 8.7 million which pointed out a shift in how consumers collect information. Despite making it user-friendly, Bard has faced numerous challenges such as imaging things by creating non-existent content, however, the tech giant is promising to fix it as soon as they can. Speaking about the strategies of Google to make Bard more usable as well as accessible is to integrate the capabilities of Bard with Google Assistant. 


It is worth noting that Google Assistant is a famous tool that is highly used by millions for fulfilling commands and setting timers.  According to Google’s plan, the integration which will at first be available to use on mobile phones, is expected to introduce Artificial Intelligence to a broader audience. This step is part of the broader ambition of Google to expand the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in spite of tough competition from OpenAI and Amazon. Besides this, Alphabet, the parent company of Google already has 6 existing products, including YouTube and Search. Both these platforms or products have users in billions. The best thing about the current plan of the tech giant is not to focus on monetizing opportunities like ads or subscription models for Bard. 


Currently, Google is totally focusing on offering AI Chatbot Bard to its users to be helpful and also capable of gathering large numbers of users in an effective way. The tech giant believes their AI chatbot has the potential to accumulate billions of users as its product is a useful as well as a helpful product. Apart from that, on Wednesday, 8th November 2023, Bard also stumbled after users who wanted to use it in “record numbers” as stated by Krawczyk. On the same day, OpenAI was reporting a major outage in ChatGPT. To know more just stay tuned with us. 

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