Enhancing AI with Gemma: Google and NVIDIA’s Strategic Partnership

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Enhancing AI with Gemma: Google and NVIDIA's Strategic Partnership

Not only the new generation but old generations are dependent on advanced technology. The use of Artificial Intelligence has rapidly increased and new developments have been constantly added to it. One such latest development has been added to it which will surely bring a new twist to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google is known for using AI to enhance its service and in this regard, the Alphabet-owned company has launched Gemma AI with the collaboration of NVIDIA. According to multiple reports, both companies formed a strategic partnership to enhance their new Gemma product. 

Google Has Launched Gemma

It is worth noting that, The internet search giant has recently launched a new open AI model named “Gemma”. It is created with the same technology and research used to create its flagship Gemini models. Speaking about the strategic partnership between NVIDIA and Google, both companies are poised to bring a new pace for tech giants. Their vision is to help tech giants who are looking to lay down their reign in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Google, one of the main innovators in the IT industry, is proud of Gemma, its new, advanced lightweight open language models with 2 billion and 7 billion parameters that are compatible with almost any platform. 

Now, the new partnership of both companies is working together to enhance the Gemma product. With the help of this new collaboration, Google’s latest AI product Gemma will be processed on GPUs of NVIDIA to help it amplify its performance. Now, people are confused about how Gemma is different from the other models of Google including Google Bard which is now known as Gemini. Well, the uniqueness of Gemma came from similar models that were earlier used to develop Gemini and the capabilities of AI are further amplified looking like they are powered by NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM open source Library. 

Furthermore, one more distinctive feature of the integration of Gemma is its integration with “Chat with RTX”. It is a tailor-made Large Language Model (LLM) introduced by NVIDIA at the start of February. Users will be empowered by this integration, which when combined with TensorRT-LLM software, will enable anyone to apply generative AI on a personal computer. One more positive factor of the whole partnership is that the Gemma software is comparably faster with results. The new Gemma software runs locally and it doesn’t need to share its results with 3rd parties. 

The presence of NVIDIA in the world of Artificial Technology is advantageous altogether with its latest earnings representing $22.1 billion in revenue in Q4 2024. It will be interesting to see what new products or improvements Microsoft Corporation and OpenAI will bring forward and how they will be different from others who are working in similar domains. Earlier, OpenAI launched Sora which is a text-to-video generating tool that stunned the tech world with its pragmatic videos. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around AI, and authorities are calling for appropriate standards to warn innovators.

Apart from that, Google has also launched two open models known as Gemma 2B and 7. These models are focused on helping researchers and developers “create AI responsibly.” 

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