India’s Call for Canada to Curb Extremism and Protect Places of Worship

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We all are well aware of the ongoing dispute between India with Canada. Things are intense between both countries and amid this India demands Canada to stop extremism or hate speech in their country. India is also urged to not harm places of worship located in Canada and asked to stop the misuse of “freedom of expression”. According to the report, India recently attended the UN Human Rights Council Review Meeting where they presented their strong points and demanded Canada to stop hate speech and protect places of worship. 


This bold diplomatic move of India is highly appreciated by other countries and their recommendations are surely helpful for Canada to deal with the challenges of climate change. India has also suggested the Great White North work on their human rights situation. Apart from India, the diplomats of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh also offered their advice and views in a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council Review. Apart from this, Mohammed Hussain, a diplomat of India praised Canada for passing new laws in a country such as the Accessible Canada Act and the National Housing Strategy Act.


The purpose or vision of passing these laws is to give accessibility and better living conditions to Canadian citizens. During the review meeting, Hussain stated “We note the enactment of the National Strategy to Fight against human trafficking, National Housing Strategy Act, and Accessible Canada Act.” The Indian diplomat also suggested that Canada needs to work on its domestic framework to stop the misuse of freedom of expression, particularly hate speech that is causing violence in the country. India also gave further advice to Canada to prohibit activities of those groups who are becoming the reason for spreading extremism. 


India asked Canada to identify the groups that are causing attacks on places of worship of religion. It is high time for the country to increase measures to deal with hate speech and hate crime. During the meeting, Hassan stated that “India recommends the following to Canada- further, strengthen the domestic framework to stop misuse of freedom of expression, for inciting violence and banned activities of groups that became the reason of extremism; effectively working on stopping attacks on places of worship of racial and religious minorities, need to strong their legislative and other measures to address hate speech and hate crimes.”


Besides, Abdullah AI Forhad, the diplomat of Bangladesh also acknowledged the progress of Canada in human rights protection and identified the current implementation of their strategy to combat human trafficking. Just like India, the Bangladeshi diplomat also suggested Canada needs to work more on their efforts to fight against hate speech, racism, hate crimes and biases against Muslim minorities and migrants. To know more stay tuned with us. 


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