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Investing in the Stock Market: Tips for Wednesday, 27th December 2023

Everyone wants to be rich and for that, they adopt different techniques. Some work hard and do multiple jobs and some take shortcuts such as investing their money in the stock market. Despite knowing that it is one of the most risky markets, many people love to spend their hard-earned money buying and selling stocks. It is tough to predict the market trend as it fluctuates on a daily basis in fact every minute. Hence, it is important to take the suggestions of market analysts before buying and selling any stock but still, it is important to check the market every minute if you have invested your money. 

Tips For Investing in Stock Market

In this regard, we are present here to give some suggestions to buy and sell the stock on Wednesday, 27th December 2023. On Tuesday, the market closed on a positive note and on Wednesday, it opened on a positive side as well despite the upsetting mood of the global market. The market opened on a higher note and many people are buying stocks. The report states that all sectors’ indices traded at higher points. The Chief Investment Strategist of Geojit Financial Services stated “The resilience of the market even in the holiday season, which is normally devoid of many actions, is an indication of its underlying bullishness.”

He further added, “The global support to the market from the mother market US where the S&P 500 is close to an all-time high is significant. Investors should give priority to high-quality blue chips which are doing well and have good earnings visibility.” On Tuesday, the Nifty 50 was shut with an increase of 92 points at 21,441.35 whereas the Sensex closed at 71,336.80 with 230 points. Now, after watching yesterday’s market, many investors are confused regarding the buying and selling of the stock. As per market analysts, Shares of Zee Learn and Axis Bank are the focus at the time of today’s session. The focus on these shares has shifted due to the approach of Axis Bank to the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). 

Apart from that, the shares of Aditya Birla Capital Ltd are also in focus after the announcement of Aditya Birla Group. It is worth noting that on Tuesday, Aditya Birla Group made a statement on Tuesday in which they stated that the company is infusing Rs 850 crore and Rs 50 crore in its subsidiaries, Aditya Birla Finance Ltd and Aditya Birla Capital Digital Ltd. Around 5 stocks are suggested to not buy on Wednesday and that are Delta Corp, Hindustan Copper, Balrampur Chini Mills, National Aluminium Company Limited and RBL Group. As of now, we just have only had this many details regarding it but as we mentioned above, if you are thinking of investing your money in today’s market then keep on checking the market trend every minute. The BusinessViewElite is not responsible for anything in this subject. To know more just stay tuned with us and we will be back with more information.

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