Israeli Forces Intercept 3 Rockets in Tel Aviv Amidst Gaza’s Imminent Threats

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The situation in Gaza is getting worse due to the conflict between Palestine with Israel. More than a week has passed and with each passing day, the toll of death is increasing. Thousands of people have lost their lives and been brutally injured in this war. The war which started with Hamas’s unprecedented attack on Israel has entirely taken the shape of a crucial war and the situation is getting worse with each passing day. The latest example is the recent Israel attack on Gaza Hospital in which 500 people perished. However, Israel is refusing to take responsibility for it and shifting this blame onto the shoulders of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. 


Speaking about the latest report regarding the update on the Israel-Palestine war. The report is coming from Tel Aviv where 3 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome Missile System of Israel on the night of Monday, 16th October, with sirens blasting for the 3rd time in a day. According to the reports, the sound of the rocket alarms was heard in Tel Aviv along with other cities of Central Israel. This news has been officially shared by the Defence Forces of Israel who made a tweet regarding it. In the post of Israel Defence Forces, it is mentioned that “Sirens sounding in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem”. In spite of the heightened menace, the initial reports have not mentioned any impacts caused by rockets, as per the media outlet of Israel. 


Hamas has taken responsibility for the rocket bombardment. According to the reports of the latest round of rocket invasions from the Gaza Strip, the municipality of Sderot mentioned the 2 rocket attacks that affected the area of the southern city. Moreover, the Sderot municipality states that one of the rockets fell on the house but luckily no one was injured in it as the family members were not present at the time of the attack. The sirens of the rockets also happened to the present barrage and agitated the beginning of the winter session of Knesset. The workers and lawmakers of Knesset were forced to take shelter in bomb shelters. Besides it, Tel Aviv faced the rocket bombardment in the afternoon that was launched by Gaza terror groups. 


The latest reports further added that Joe Biden, the US President visited Tel Aviv to have a meeting with the officials of Israel. This meeting showcases the USA’s attempt to strengthen the relations between UAE and Israel. Furthermore, the US President reiterates the support of the US for Israel. Biden told Benjamin Netanyahu that the US would provide Israel with everything they wanted to defend their country after monitoring the situation in the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. The US President further mourned the demise of 31 Americans who lost their lives in Israel in the attack of Hamas. Besides showing his support for the country in its conflict with Palestine, the US President is also likely to encourage Israel to rebegin humanitarian help to war-torn Gaza. 


The arrival of Biden comes a day after the lethal attack at a Gaza hospital complex in which 500 people have lost their lives. After learning about the attack, Ayman Safadi, the foreign minister of Jordan cancelled a summit in his country which was conducted in Amman with the US President and Palestinian and Egyptian leaders. The official made it clear that Biden is only visiting Israel. As of now, we have this many details on this war but our sources are closely monitoring the situation and as soon as we get any new information we will add here. 

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