Eco-Friendly Initiative : Solar Rooftop Installed at Ayodhya Airport

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Eco-Friendly Initiative : Solar Rooftop Installed at Ayodhya Airport

The holy city of Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya is constantly being in the news for multiple reasons. After the selection of the installment of the new idol of Lord Rama, the latest news is related to the installment of a 250-kW solar rooftop. This installment will be happening on the rooftop of the newly constructed Ayodhya Airport. Jakson Group is behind the installation of this solar rooftop. This news has been officially shared by the Energy and Infra Solutions provider on Tuesday, 02 January 2023. In their announcement, Jakson Group stated their company has successfully outfitted the Maharishi Valmiki International Airport with a solar rooftop. 

Jakson Group Successfully installed Solar Rooftop at Ayodhya Airport

It is one of the eco-friendly initiatives that is happening in the holy city of UP, India and it is obvious for the people to show their interest in it and they want to know all the details related to it. Apart from the solar rooftop, this Ayodhya Airport also has top-class diesel generators (3×500 KVA). No doubt, this initiative and generators will make sure to have a reliable and robust power backup system which will be helpful to run a smooth operation. The comprehensive energy solutions provided by Jakson Group will play an important role in managing the smooth and successful operation of this newly made Airport. 

It is worth noting that the inauguration ceremony of this newly-made Ayodhya Airport was done by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on Saturday, 30th December 2023. The main reason for the development of this eco-friendly initiative is to showcase sustainable growth in the region. The state government believes that the inauguration of this newly constructed airport will play a crucial role in the economy of Ayodhya and will act as a game changer. This will not only attract and boost tourism but also be helpful to produce more opportunities for people in terms of employment as well as helpful to make connectivity to other parts of India and from all across the world. 

This will stimulate infrastructure development, pull the attention of investors and will be helpful to increase the overall prosperity of the city which will directly affect the economy of India. Apart from its economic benefits, Maharishi Valmiki International Airport also has a significant effect in terms of culture. This airport will be helpful for the people who will come to visit Ayodhya Temple. It will be easy for religious travelers and pilgrims to get access to direct routes from all around the world. It will also help to strengthen the position of Ayodhya as a spiritual center. 

Apart from making a solar rooftop at Ayodhya Airport, the oldest Diesel generator manufacturing company in India is also working on different government projects that include the Jal Jeevan Mission and the RDSS Scheme of the Prime Minister. The value of these government projects is approximately Rs. 2,000 crore and its vision is to provide uninterrupted facilities to run smooth household tap connections and to supply power to close 3,000 villages across numerous districts. 

Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Jakson Group, Sundeep Gupta stated “Our projects in Ayodhya are a testament to our vision, aligning with the government’s energy goals and our broader commitment to powering a greener, more resilient future for both Uttar Pradesh and the nation at large.” Apart from solar rooftops, other key features of Ayodhya Airport are LED lighting, landscaping with fountains, rainwater harvesting, water treatment plants, solar power plants, sewage power plants and so on. To know more such news, just be connected with this website and we will be back with more national and international news.

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