Japan Faces Devastating Earthquake : Death Toll Rising

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Japan Faces Devastating Earthquake : Death Toll Rising

7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hit The West Coast of Japan

When the entire world was busy in welcoming the New Year, a country in East Asia was facing a natural disaster. The effect of this disaster is still evident and has become the death’s reason for many lives. Sadly, the death toll is constantly increasing. According to the reports, this natural disaster happened in Japan where 155 earthquakes have brought a lot of destruction along with human loss. It is worth noting that on Monday, 1st January 2024, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the west coast of Japan and it caused much destruction. 

After this destructive natural hazard, on Tuesday, 2nd Jan a meteorological agency states that Japan lifted all the warnings and advisories put in place. As per the local authorities, 48 deaths have been reported so far and 14 people are hospitalized with severe injuries. As we mentioned above, around 155 earthquakes have hit the island nation. This strong tremor triggered tsunami waves over a meter high which damaged many houses and roads. Due to this destruction, there is a disruption in transport and communication services. 

Furthermore, the officials have warned about power outages in many parts of the country. Several photos and videos have emerged online showcasing the massive destruction. The videos telecasted by local media viewed toppled buildings, countless burnt houses, sunken boats at a port and many other disturbing things. Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan states that the earthquakes have become the reason for “extensive damage with several casualties”. The official also states that the small changes to tidal levels are still possible. 

The Meteorological Agency of Japan has stated that there is a high possibility of more strong tremors in the coming days. More than 32,000 homes in Japan are out of power on Tuesday as per the AFP report of AFP. Keeping destruction in mind, many main highways were closed that were around the epicenter. Moreover, the train services were also suspended from Tokyo. As per the mayor, Yasuhiro Izumi more than 1,000 households were destroyed in this disaster in Suzu, the epicenter of the tremor. Many citizens took their social media accounts to express their loss and destruction. One of the residents of Shika recounted the terrific moment and stated “It was such a powerful jolt. What a terrible way to begin the year.” 

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) warned on Monday the effect of tremors could last for several months. Some of the videos have been shared by the natives showcasing the terrific moment of houses that collapsed. We can also see cracked roads and the terrified voices of residents who were praying for their safety. A video was posted by a citizen who was driving around his neighborhood after the tremor struck Ishikawa. Around 62,000 individuals had been ordered to be removed from their houses. Moreover, as per the reports, the PM of Japan stated during the meeting of an emergency disaster that “The search and rescue of those impacted by the tremor is a fight against time.    

It is not the first time that Japan has faced such a type of destruction, in March 2011 Japan faced a similar kind of situation but the destruction was more terrifying at that time as the magnitude of the earthquake was reported at 9.0. That earthquake triggered a powerful tsunami that took the lives of more than 18k people and some are still missing. After watching the destruction in Japan, the United States is ready to provide all kinds of important assistance that is required in Japan. Joe Biden, the Prime Minister of the US stated “As close allies, the United States and Japan shared a deep bond of friendship that united our people. Our thoughts are with the people of Japan during this tough phase.

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